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  1. I remember him having an argument with his wife and throwing the washing machine through the kitchen window. He said he threw it at her and missed. When we got to his house sure enough the window was broken and the washing machine was in the garden. He asked Bob to lend him some money to pay for it all. I remember him in Scamps but he must have been a bouncer there after I last saw him around about 1976 or so but I could be wrong.
  2. Fred Manners was a right character. I remember a few things he got up to.
  3. After around 45 years the majority of people I knew that they went about with will be long gone apart from possibly 3 that I remember and they would be in their late 80s if they are still alive and the other one would be around 70ish but not sure of his name. Think it may have been John Wragg. They had a car sales business around that time on the left hand corner of Broadfield Road as it meets Chesterfield road. The other 2 were Bob English and Fred Manners his friend. Bob was the salesman at Woodseats car centre. Mel
  4. I knew Brian and Jimmy in the mid 70s though can't remember which one was which. Think it was Brian that used to be a bit of a car dealer and used to appear at Woodseats car centre where I worked which is now a fast food place near The Big Tree. The other one used to have an antiques shop possibly somewhere near Crookes. Was Dolly their mother? The one who had the antiques shop used to work for their mother and I remember a tale of when he got pulled by the police and he told them he did errands for his mother. Mel
  5. I used to fish crabtree pond with my grandfather around 55 years ago when it was strictly private. There used to be good fish in it in those days. Apparently when the council took the lease away it was netted by the members and the fish taken elsewhere. Mel Randall
  6. I was there for 2 years and left in 1966 for another school. I remember Mr Wilson being a keen cricketer and often after a weekend he would turn up with lumps and bruises on his head where the cricket ball had hit him. Probably from disgruntled ex students playing for the opposition. Mel Randall
  7. Used to play guitar as part of a trio there on Sunday night's around 81/82. We were paid a fiver plus there was a whip round which usually was another fiver
  8. I was in a music shop liquidation auction just after they made it in America. I outbid them for a guitar amplifier which I still own. I remember them buying all sorts of gear from that auction including a fender fretless bass which has always stuck in my memories. When I came to pick up my amplifier Joe Elliot was sat on it with another band member who I cannot recall the name we had a chat then went our separate ways.
  9. An ex girlfriend of mine worked at the Kew house for a while her name was Denise Ashley
  10. Heard Andy Tucker and Vinnie both died too
  11. I remember when it was the Cavendish and my mother made the pink skimpy costumes for the gogo dancers. I used to go in on many a night when it was Baileys
  12. Hi Joe Soap I was there at around the same time as you.
  13. I remember playing guitar as part of a trio at the Magnet just as the Falklands war started. One of our songs was Dont cry for me Argentina which we played without thinking. You could say it went down like a lead balloon and everyone just stopped what they were doing and glared at us. Fortunately many knew the other guitarist Alistair Mckinnon from Southey Green who unfortunately died not long after from falling asleep in bed while smoking.
  14. I remember being in the taxi queue at Fitzallen square late at night must of been the late 70s and there was this bloke in front of me with a suitcase with what looked like a dress partly hanging out. I said in fun your dress is hanging out and the comments he gave me and what he would like to do to me in a sexual way. We had a bit of banter and a laugh going and then one of my mates who I was with told me who he was and me also being called Melvyn for weeks after that my mates pulled my leg over it all Mel
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