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  1. Some more information Reason for Rehome / Sale - Due to split with my partner, im now working more hours and feel im not giving Marley the time and attention he needs Time Scale – How Urgent? as soon as Sale Amount - £1200 Has the Dog been in Rescue- No Location- S13 Age & Sex- 5months male Breed/ Mix - British bulldog KC Registered- got the papers to send off Approximate size Exercise Needed - Neutered & Micro chipped - yes Vaccinated & Wormed - yes Live in / out - indoor Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - no, but my parents have 3 dogs and hes fine with them, just very playful Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - no Temperament - very good, friendly and playful Good or Bad with Children - fine with my 15month old baby girl, who crawls all over him Dislike of Men or Women - N/A OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - Fine with my parents 3 dogs, not sure about cats Travel OK in Car - ok Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - likes company Destructive Behaviour - no Barks - not very often Pull on the lead - needs more practice to walk on lead, but walks beside you off the lead Crate trained - no Housetrained - more aless, hes still a baby so still has the odd few accidents
  2. Due to a break up with my partner ive got no choice but to sell my 5months old British bull dog. He is a lovely dog, im really sad that ive got to do this, but it isnt fair on the dog. Ive got a 15month old who crawls all over him and he is fine with her. Due to split, ive had to start working more day, i feel that marley isn’t getting the attention he needs. He's getting left longer. Im really wanting him to go to a good home, someone who’s had a bulldog before. Someone who can take good care of him, and wont leave him all day everyday as he loves been around people. Hes lost his baby teeth now so doesn’t really chew. Paid £1800 for him so wanting a reasonable price for him. Please pm me if any one is interested or for more information.
  3. Does anyone know of any dog shows / bulldog shows in or around sheffield. Thank you
  4. thanks for the reply's will do abit of research now... thank you
  5. Does anyone know of any swimming groups for toddlers, really wanting to take my 1 year to one. Thanks
  6. Ive already had that, it was like no one had ever seen a bull dog before!!! He also is a might mare on the lead..... Just sits and looks at me as though to say, im not walking for you!!! But then take him off and he will walk right beside me!!!! Hes called Marley. Have you ever used the spray to stop them biting things? If so does it work?? At the minute he likes the corner of our walls and the bottom of stairs.
  7. Thanks Biotechpete, will have a look at this website ..
  8. Thanks Lotti and Ruby79. My pup is a little stubborn pup too. sits on his bum and wont move when i try and get him out of room, when we go to bed!! but so funny. He just always looks sad with his sad eyes. Ruby79, ive been doing a lot of research about a bull dog been out in the sun. He was out in the garden most of the day Sunday, but i kept worrying and putting him in the shade?? any advice on this? Lottie will try and put some pictures on later...
  9. What kind of food is the one at Ecclesfield surfinjim??
  10. Thank you Lola this is the kind of advice i was wanting!! The number 2's he’s ok with now, goes straight to his mat!! its just the numbers 1’s. We’ll get there soon !!
  11. Yes Becks37, your reaction was abit extreme!!!!!!!!!! Like i said in my above post, talking to people, a lot of people said it had worked for them. Not one part of me is nasty to my puppy!!!! Instead of getting all heated about what im doing wrong, you could read the thread again, where im asking for ADVICE!! I understand what your saying about rubbing his nose init..... what would you do when he messes then??? i know to praise him when he does his mess outside, but no ones mentioned what they would do when he does mess in the house????? Thanks to those who have given advice!!
  12. Does anyone know the name of the buffet bar near chapel town area?? Has anyone been, would you recommend it ??? Thank you
  13. Hes not had his needles to go out side yet, thats why we have been using potty pads!!!! Ive been told to rub his nose in it then put on potty pad!
  14. hi really wanting some advice on potty training our pup. we have had out british bull dog a week... every time he messes we rub his nose in it and put him straight on his potty pad. But no matter how many times we do this, he goes to the toliet every where but his potty pad!!!
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