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  1. Anyone know owt? Power cut about 9 30 this morning. Saw a flash, heard a bang n saw like a mushroom in sky?
  2. Hi, im having my son christened on 5th july and require a function room for approx 70 people from 2.30pm. The christening will be in Southey so would like it in that area. Thanks, wana get sorted so can sort invites.
  3. I would like to get my son christened this summer as my young daughter is, but with 2 small children and a hubby that is away 5 days a week, its very difficult to attend church. We are in parson cross and was wondering if there are any churches in the vicinity who could accomodate us? Ta
  4. Duno how to put a pic on here? Iv put posters up round area. He is chipped and there is a reward x ---------- Post added 30-12-2013 at 10:48 ---------- Salem came home last night! V thin n covered in ticks. A few injuries but vet has given him all clear. Its an xmas miracle x
  5. Salem a black 4yr old petite cat has been missing since weds morning. Last seen on colley rd parson cross. Plz if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. We are absolutely heartbroken. thank you.
  6. Are supermarkets better? First time i have ever had to get a turkey. There will be 5 adults and 1 toddler (and 2 dogs). Don't know how big to get it or anything. I would prefer fresh and we want leftovers for turkey and chips on boxing day. Thanks guys x
  7. Hello, my daughter is 2 in january and i want to book a soft play centre for a party. there will be 8 children ranging from 1 year to 6 years, for saturday 18th january. the places i have been in contact with need a minimum of 10 children or won't do a saturday. Does anybody know if there is a soft play centre i can book in the hillsborough / ecclesfield area of sheffield? Thank you.
  8. We are moving house in the next few weeks. You can have all our boxes when we are finished if you want? Just waiting for a completion date. Hoping to move mid Nov time.
  9. Me and my mother in law are wanting to visit a clairvoyant. Could somebody please pm me some details? Location etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. I've got a leather sofa thats sagging in 2 places where we keep sitting. Its all sewn together so cannot just change cushions or put somat underneath cushions. Can anyone recommend someone to fix this? Thanks in advance x
  11. I gave birth to Elizabeth Louise 18/1/12 weighing 7lb8oz. Breastfeeding going okay. Has prolonged jaundice so in n out of childrens 4 blood tests at moment. Been under yv lamps twice tho x
  12. I've been really clumsy. Had 3 falls in 4 days. Been checked by the midwife and all is okay tho. Just keep tripping over my feet
  13. Thanx for the info. Can u recommend where to get the key done?
  14. Hello peeps I'm 23 weeks pregnant but want our daughter christened on a particular day next year (due to family travelling to us) does anyone know how we go about this? Shall i just go to church on Sunday and speak to the vicar? Also does anyone know how much a christening ceremony costs? Thanks in advance Emma x
  15. Hello peeps Whave an 05 plate ford focus LX but when we got it a few years ago there was only one key (remote locking) is there anyway we can get another key the exact same made that won't cost the earth? Can anyone recommend anyone in the area that is able to do this and how much it would be? Thank you for your time. Emma x
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