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  1. Dedicated or derranged was that??? Hopefully being a dedicated student will mean that I get a good degree and manage to get a job doing something I enjoy before it's time to retire! What degree did you do? Are you using it in what you do now? And was was your best decision if that was second best??
  2. It's my last day at work before I join the ranks of tax dodging student scum and it's a disaster. Am working my ass off! Haven't been able to go out for a beer at lunchtime and gwad knows what time I'm going to get out of here tonight. There is no one to take over from me so it looks like I might even have to come back in for a couple of days next week to finish things off if we don't find a fix today (this is banking software I'm talking about - a new requirement thrown in at the last minute). Are all companies this uselss - disorganised etc???? I've worked for four companies in 14 years and it always seems to be the same - you hand in your notice and on the last day people realise you're going and you're dumped in the ****! Has anyone had similar experiences?
  3. I'm Dirty Jenny Flint - maybe I'll get thrown overboard with Funkee88!
  4. Happy to contribute (I don't suppose I can get away with sending one of Kate Moss can I?)
  5. When I did my O levels (the pre-historic version of GCSE's) only about 20 people from my entire year did 10- it just wasn't possible for us to do any more. And, as for A levels well, you did three, that was it - you did four if you were going to go to Oxbridge. So, are the exams getting easier or are people getting more intelligent?? Anyway, well done Caprice and good luck with your A levels (I did English Literature and loved it!).
  6. My top tip is not to eat too much in the way of carbohydrates in the evening (pasta, potatoes, bread etc) as you don't have the time to burn it off before going to bed (unless you're going dancing!). So, do the carb thing at lunch and eat protein / vegetables / salad in the evening. Also drink plenty of water - lots of folk think they're hungry when maybe they're just in need of a drink. Having said this I'll be having a pizza followed by some lagers tonight!
  7. My music pick of the day is Beck - am going to see him at Brixton Academy tonight - seen him before and he's great!
  8. I'm nearly a student (finsh work tomorrow, start Sheffield Uni next month), does that count? Although I'm probably a bit old (being a mature student and all) for you to want to talk to anyway!
  9. These folk - http://www.skyscanner.net/ search all the budget airlines - easyjet, bmi, ryan air etc which you don't tend to get on ebookers etc - I've not used them, but they look pretty good.
  10. Don't know the Cutler but I've stayed in the Bristol (http://www.hotel-bristol.activehotels.com/THE) a couple of times and that was good (and pretty cheap)
  11. Well done you! I may need to lie down just thinking about that!
  12. That was for showing their bums in a bar, right? How absolutely mortified are these idiots going to be when their parents turn up! Hopefully it will teach them to have a bit more decorum in future!
  13. I've been blonde, red, sort of aubergine and now I'm back to my natural brunette (with grey streaks nowadays!). I've had it long, short, straight, curly (bad perm in the 1980's), even shaved! I think experimenting is the key and this is where men are hopeless - lots of them have the same 'style' from when they start school until they go bald!
  14. Not buying a house in St Albans when I could afford it - the survey said it needed a new roof and I panicked and called the whple thing off. It was back on the market 2 1/2 years later for £80K more than I was going to pay for it!
  15. Total garbage - I don't watch any. I'm sure watching this sort of banal tripe is rotting the brains of the population - last summer my buddies talked of nothing but Big Brother, in such a way that I thought they werre talking about people they actually knew until I was put right!
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