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  1. any suggestions of really places to go out to a 29th birthday#???
  2. Any recommandations for nice restaurants in sheffield or surrounding areas?/?
  3. Hi Does anyone have any la tasca reviews from eccy road?
  4. ben sahar was a shocker considering his potential at his club chelsea before coming on loan
  5. Further to my thread about the best swfc player of all time, who is the worst ever? Franny Jeffers ????
  6. This is the wife here, oh he's a City fan by the way, mine is Sheridan but I could name them for days! benny carbone di canio drew talbot jon paul mcgovern terry curran harry davis (family legend) des walker chris woods tommy spurr (i loved him) chris bart williams (sir) lee bullen steve watson mark bright lee chapman terry cooke lee grant mark crossley viv anderson derek dooley shefki kuqi and (i love) lee peacock don't forget the loan signings that help us ken jones scott carson gaby agbonlahor leon best brad jones iain turner franck songo'o any arguments?
  7. Just having a heated debate with the wife-who is Wednesday- about who is the best Wednesday player ever, thoughts please?
  8. if there is, where abouts and what time?
  9. theres tesco fuel stations at dinnington and worksop
  10. Is there a car boot sale tomorrow (sunday 26 June) at Halfway?
  11. 30th jan? not december you'd have thought he would have by now!
  12. challenger, cheap enough and quick service!
  13. there not vintage coins/notes currency from europe / south america / africa - random really my dad was in the army and travelled the world
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