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  1. It's on a Tuesday, 10am - 12 noon. It's a lovely group, I used to take LO there every week from her being about 10 wks old up until just after her first birthday
  2. Hi kiokeeper Thanks very much for the link. I spoke to someone at a company called Aquatic Care who specialise in water feature maintenance / overhauls etc, and they are coming out to have a look at what they can do with our pond. Fingers crossed it'll all be up and running again in a couple of weeks!
  3. Hi 'Maintain' is probably a bit of an understatement, but basically I'm looking for a gardener who specialises in ponds / water features who would be able to come out and clear out our pond, check the pump etc is installed properly and re-line the waterfall bit. I've had a look through the Yellow Pages but I can't really find what I'm looking for, and the couple of people that I did find haven't returned my calls. If someone here could recommend a company that would be fab. We inherited the pond when we moved into our house and it's massive - I'd guess about 5ft across and maybe 2 or 3ft deep, with a waterfall. I turned the pump off last summer when the pond started to lose water, as I suspected that it had a leak down the cascade bit. Since I did that the water level has been fine but it's starting to look pretty grotty and, to be perfectly honest, I haven't got a clue where to start with it! Thanks
  4. I think our LOs must be almost exactly the same age, jellybellybean Was your daughter born in March too? I haven't had much luck getting my little 'un to eat eggs - she turned her nose up at scrambled eggs last time I tried her with those (it was a while ago though... I think they were too lumpy for her at that stage, plus I was paranoid about cooking them for long enough too so they were like rubber! ). I notice you mention eggy bread / omlettes in your post - I'd quite like to try her with something like that next but I'm not sure how to serve it. Did you give to your daughter as finger food? Or just chopped up really small? Thanks
  5. Not really something to worry about, but if you've got some time on your hands (or need some distraction from the bigger worries!) then I definitely recommend putting some effort into researching which pram / travel system would be right for you. I can't believe the number of people I've met who chose their pram in the store only to find later that it doesn't fit in their car boot, or even through the front door! Have a good browse online and then make sure that you try them out in the shop too, not only pushing them about but collapsing them too etc etc (as an engineer you're well placed to appreciate how ingenious some of the designs are - OH and I were in our element messing about with prams ) Oh, and adjustable handles are a godsend if there's any difference in height between you and Mr Strix
  6. Thanks for the congratulations Ahh, yeah, babies can be a little... time consuming Actually the first few weeks weren't too bad - LO would sleep for 2hrs or so inbetween feeds (day and night ) so I did get a bit of free time to catch up on sleep / write thank you cards / check email etc - you even get pretty good at working the laptop with one hand during feeds But that all went by the wayside once she'd 'woken up' a bit and needed a bit more by way of entertaining! She's crawling and pulling herself up to standing now, so these days I have to watch her like a hawk otherwise I'm sure I'll find her dangling one handed, cliff hanger style, from the TV
  7. Wow, congratulations Strix!! Welcome to team pink (I had a little girl back in March... hard to believe she's seven months old now ) Being a parent is wonderful, you'll love every minute of it And huge congratulations to D2J and *binty* too, bet you are both counting the weeks! Not long to go now!
  8. Another recommendation for Foxhill Gardening here - Daniel and his colleague came and cleared my garden this morning - they turned up when they said they would, were polite and friendly and did a fantastic job. I'd definitely use them again. Thanks
  9. Sorry to hijack this a bit... but can anyone recommend a Sheffield based pet sitting service with experience of caring for rabbits? I've checked through all the stickies and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm going away for a weekend in a few weeks time and rather than stress my rabbits out by putting them into boarding for one night, I wanted to get someone to pop in and feed and water them / check on them here (PS. This is for the S6 area. Thanks!)
  10. Hi Have you tried putting her hay in the litter tray, over the litter? My rabbits like to sit in their litter trays and combine nibbling at their hay and doing everything else at once
  11. My cat does this in the middle of the night sometimes. It's loud enough to wake me up. As soon as I call her though she stops, runs upstairs and then leaps onto the bed all the while purring like mad. I think she just wants a bit of attention. Either that or she's afraid of the dark
  12. Excellent, thanks for clarifying that Sooz
  13. Great post Sooz Does anyone know the difference between the two types of Panacur? Jen is currently on a 9 day course of Panacur - my vet recommended it as a precaution since she lived with Harley and he very likely died from renal failure associated with EC (He was also treated for EC). However I've seen some posts elsewhere where people say that their bun is on a 28-day course of Panacur. What's the difference? Is this just a longer course of the same stuff?
  14. Thanks everyone, I was in a real state when I posted yesterday Jen seems much brighter this morning - she trashed her hutch during the night (as usual!) and come bouncing over for her veggies this morning. It's a stark constrast to yesterday morning when she was very despondent without Harley and I had to encourage her to nibble at some food. I think people really do underestimate how complex buns are, and that they need to say goodbye and grieve for a lost friend just like we do, if not more I am glad that she's picking up a bit though
  15. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. They are greatly appreciated. I brought Harley home this afternoon. The bond between a pair of rabbits is very strong and I was advised to let Jenny see Harley before we buried him, so that she would understand that he had passed on, rather than letting her pine for him. She was very withdraw last night and watching her with this afternoon was utterly heartbreaking She spend some time lying next to him and licking him before she hopped off. At that point I took him and buried him in our garden, under a bay tree. I will miss Harley dreadfully. He was a very special rabbit
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