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  1. Been out in garden today and there are loads of ladybirds. Windows are covered in them, counted 40 on one window.
  2. If you want an electrician I recommend RCD Electricals,sorted our problem in minutes,friendly, reliable and reasonably priced.
  3. if you could pm me your email I will send it to you
  4. I have one of Attercliffe 1905.Brightside is on it up to Hollywell Rd .I could scan it for you if thats any good.
  5. Hi,I have a chicken feeder and a water feeder,both plastic in excellent condition,free to anyone who wants them,suitable for 3-4 hens PM me if you want them Thankyou
  6. andyjoiner has just done some fitted wardrobes and decking for us,previous decking was done by a con man but andy has restored the decking to a higher standard very pleased by the results thanx,fitted wardrobes are fantastic recommend andy ,reliable and a great job ,a honest and trustworthy guy
  7. Joiner Andy has just supplied and fitted 4 doors for us for a great price.Very reliable punctual and a pleasant person.Will be using him in the near future.Highly recommendable.
  8. Just googled bramwells pickled onions,apparently they are Aldi`s own brand.
  9. Hi paper plane I have an abundance of water hyacinth pond plants,they spread very quickly and are floaters, you are quite welcome to have some if you want.
  10. I have used Asda on line for 6 months now and can`t fault them, always on time,polite, even take my bags from the previous order for recycling:)
  11. I once went to meadowhall,parked my car then went shopping,came back and put the keys in the boot to unlock it,alarm went off,oh dear (or words to that effect) I`ve forgot to disable the alarm.Then in an instant I though I havn`t got an alarm.There was a lot of explaining to the owners of the car who were right behind me:loopy: The car I had tried to get into was the same model, colour and the reg was very simular to mine:hihi:
  12. mine won`t retune followed all the instructions, go to set up and only get change language and change tv format,got instruction manual out and there`s nothing about first time insulation,factory re set, full re tune or default settings:huh::
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