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  1. ive got a lhasa apso for sale i want for him £300 ono please call me on 07831392406....
  2. joanne p

    Travellers Inn, Attercliffe - now open

    LMFAO love it, looks like you had fun wade....
  3. GHDs skeggy market for £25.... ive got some pink ones..x
  4. hello could you message me again some how it got delated thanks..x
  5. joanne p

    Stocksbridge bypass ghost??

    it is all crap thay is nothing there,well i dont think so anyhow...
  6. need to no what pubs in sheffield have got GHOST,S.....? my oh as just bought a pub...
  7. joanne p

    Large pond or liner wanted

    i,ve no idea but your more then welcome to come and have a look..
  8. joanne p

    How do I unlock my staffys jaw?

    0ooo thats horrible hope the little un is ok....
  9. joanne p

    Large pond or liner wanted

    hello am not sure if you want one or not, but we have a bran new pond pump still in box were selling will that be any good for you..?
  10. 0ooooo yeah thay soft as a brush my dogs thay love dogs and cats..x
  11. joanne p

    Google Street View car

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  12. o.k thanks how do i do that sweets....?
  13. Am after a chinese crested powder puff puppy i,ve looked everywere for one anybody have any idea were i could get one.....?
  14. joanne p

    Google Street View car

    0ooooooo ive never seen it thanks...x
  15. joanne p

    Google Street View car

    What do,s it look like my boyfriend said its just a car with a camra is that true......?

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