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  1. If they rebadged it as American Craft Beer and served it chilled and fizzy, I bet Sheffield's hipsters would be daft enough to pay £4.15 a pint for it!
  2. It might be a worthy job but anyone can be a care worker. You don't need a degree to wipe a pensioner's backside and put them to bed. Not everyone is intelligent enough or has the qualifications to be an accountant, doctor or banker. That's why rightly these jobs are paid far more than work anyone could do.
  3. Thank you. While you're in a reading mood, you might also want to look at this Guardian article which argues that over-defensive advocacy of minorities (similar to your opening post) has actually encouraged the growth of populism and the rise of the likes of Trump and Farage. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/dec/01/blame-trump-brexit-identity-liberalism Please don't get upset if I don't reply to you straight away, I'm not going to be on the forum for a few days after this post!
  4. Fair enough. Good luck with it. EDIT: You might want to correct your trip number 3 as it says you're going to Manchester but returning from Birmingham!
  5. Largely yes, I care more about things that affect me than those that don't, which is why as a fellow white Brit I don't think racism is such a big issue as you claim it is. For one thing, the most recent census I can find suggests 87% of the UK population is white and therefore unaffected by racism, so why get so worked up about something that only affects 13% of us? Secondly, your perception of a huge rise in hate crime post-Brexit is largely a myth propogated by the left wing media you read. Had you read this article, you might have a different perspective? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3805008/The-great-Brexit-hate-crime-myth-claims-epidemic-race-crimes-referendum-simply-false.html Or do you only selectively believe the facts and stories you agree with?
  6. Only if I'd named a specific person and not put "chances are" at the start of the sentence.
  7. Probably because he's known to have taken banned drugs to improve his performance. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3790474/Sir-Bradley-Wiggins-Chris-Froome-drugs-exemptions-according-latest-documents-leaked-Russian-hackers.html
  8. Why is it more expensive to travel to Kelham Island than to Manchester? I could get a taxi from anywhere in Sheffield to Kelham Island for far less than you're charging and have plenty left over to buy beer, pie and peas with!
  9. Because there's nothing much to say about Tim Farron, when the only two things we know about him are that he's the leader of a minority political party and he wants to keep having the EU referendum vote over and over again until he gets the result he wants.
  10. You seem to be obsessed with racism and xenophobia to the extent that you seem genuinely hurt when people log off this forum and don't spend every waking minute responding to your accusations. Mike, could I ask are you black and/or an immigrant yourself? If not, why are you so obsessed with racism and xenophobia?
  11. Why do people think celebrities make good role models? Chances are your inspirational sportsman is using performance enhancing drugs or is so focussed on their sport that they neglect their friends and family. Or your inspirational pop star/actor/chat show host is a thoroughly unpleasant person who’s had to step on other people to get to the top of their profession. I’m not sure why people need role models at all, but if you were looking for one, surely your parents, your teachers or other respectable people within your community would be more appropriate?
  12. The problem is that the long ball game United play might work in the short term but hoofing it long is a very easy tactic to defend against once you've worked out how to defend against it.
  13. The problem is that England managers seem to pick players based on who they play for rather than how good they are. Players like Rashford, Lingard Sturridge and Alli struggle to get into their club sides but because they play for so-called big clubs, they get picked for England.
  14. Well exactly, if you automatically assume all claims of sexual abuse are true, you open the floodgates to all sorts of fantasists and attention-seekers. It's also disturbing that people accused of being abusers can be named, even if they turn out to be innocent later, but accusers are allowed to remain anonymous.
  15. But that £10,000 is made by a private company, not by the state, so it's not the state's money to give away! You haven't really thought this through have you?
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