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  1. Does anyone know what the chain of pub is that is taking over the Prince of Wales pub on Carterknowle Road? is an Ember Inn until Mid August then changing. I have heard various reports that it is going to be an expensive Gastro pub! Anyone any more info on it?? Thanks!
  2. Callow Hall allow marquees in the grouds although its south derbyshire. Very nice venue but pricey. I think the Plough at Hathersage also allows marquees in the grounds and the food is very good! Good luck! xx
  3. Seeds are a great idea! You could make a tag and attach it and put a few words on like, plant these seeds and watch our love grow! I am going to make some ceramic hearts and hand paint the names of all guests on them for different place names. I am going to try and find somwhere who will fire and glaze them after and attach to the napkins with a co-ordinating ribbon.
  4. Why dont you try having one made from scratch??? there is a very good lady who has an alterations shop in ecclesfield - opposite the church called Traceys alterations.She will make dresses from scratch as well as alter them - but doesnt advertise this as she gets so busy! She is supposed to be very good and will copy any dress from a picture. Uses lovely fabrics as have seen all the swatches and are all bridal fabrics. she may be worth a try. Good luck xx
  5. Hi, How about Waitrose??? they do a three tier cake plain iced and can have stacked tiers so you can have fresh flowers inbetween! looks very good! only just over £100 and can have a combination of fruit and sponge layers. Maybe worth a look x
  6. We are going to book John Mottershaw photographer for our wedding next year. Hios pictures look excellent for the money and a really nice man too. Very calm and quite and i can see him being very in obtrusive at the wedding. He may be worth googling on the internet. Good luck!
  7. if you want something grand why not try Hassop Hall?? there main room for wedding breakfast is pretty neutral and you could put covers on the chairs? There is also the ballroom which is bigger and yet again quite neutral. its only 20 mins out of Sheffield too We are getting married there next year and seems to really fit the bill. Good luck! Sarahx
  8. I live in S7 and am looking for a good cattery to look after my cat for a few days whilst i am away. I have looked at a few and used one previously but at £9.30 per day and the fact that my poor kitty can back starving and was shoved into his box to come home with a very rough hand i thought i would look else where,. they also owned two very large Alsations that walked around the outside of the pens freely! I have recently moved to the area and the previous cattery he went to near Doncaster (top cats in Harworth) was brilliant! he never wanted to come home!! I would like to find somewhere similar - i will travel but Doncaster is really too far, and i also do not mind paying a top price as long as the care warrants it. Can anyone help?? sarahx
  9. Hi Lou, I am very keen to help out riding as I live in Carterknowle and about 10 mins from Hathersage. I have been riding from the age of 7 and competed at a local level in my late teens. I owned my own 4 year old chesnut mare for 4 years until university becconed! I now really miss horses and riding but am not really satisfied with going out on expensive hacks through riding schools with a group of begginners! if you know what i mean! If you need some help riding her then please let me know. I am reliable and quite slight so there wouldnt be too much weight on her! Hope to hear from you soon Sarah
  10. Ummm sounds like it may be one to give a miss! not sure at all about the Jodie Marsh and hollyoaks girls! sounds trashy to me! I was just after some good music in a nice enviroment! thanks for the feedback though! :-)
  11. Has anyone been to thye new bar where Takapuna used to be? heard it had had a refit and changed its name. Wondered what it is like as Takapuna used to be good in the early days. Is it open late? what sort of music? Sheffield is definatly lacking a good late bar with good house music.
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