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  1. Ok, so men are complaining women are oggling them in their speedos? Really? I doubt it somehow. Harrassment of women by men is a very real problem which is why there are women only swim sessions and gyms. They are needed in this society to get away from the male gaze we do not want. Men can be discriminated against, but in a patriarchal society, sexism against men does not exsist. Sorry. If you men are upset about being discriminated against, I'm afraid its tough, women experience discrimination in every walk of their lives. Get over yourselves.
  2. I have just bought a KA 8 years old with no spare, can anyone recommend a scrapyard or dealer in sheffield who will do spares of a Ford KA? Am ringing round and no luck! Really dont want to fork out for a new. Many Thanks and Happy Christmas!!!
  3. Im looking for a bonfire for this sat, preferably in heeley/town/s11 area where kids are welcome but booze avaliable too for the grown ups? Was thinking the Fat Cat but are kids welcome does anyone know? Many thanks!
  4. Yes you can buy tickets from the fat cat....may be able to get them on the door tho...however sat may be busy as its my friends bday and hes sold over 20 tickets to his friends lol
  5. binge drinking is sooooo mxuh worse for your health. its mora about socail taboo imo
  6. Art all the way. leard how to draw just draw anythinga nd keep trying
  7. the new trains are great but i hate the old ones that look loke busses, yuk
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