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  1. I am interested in either iPhone 4s (got opportunity to get one cheaper) or Nokia Lumia 520 but unsure which one to get and which will be best for me so I need to some help please. I love the idea of all the apps iPhones provide you with, does Lumia 520 provide you will good enough apps? I hate the way iPhone says you need an app to do certain things while Lumia will no doubt let you do it with ease. I want a phone where I can sync calender, contacts, multiple emails, pictures etc to my Windows PC with ease. Can iPhone 4s do this without any messing around? Or is Lumia my best bet here? Features of Lumia, what does it have that iPhone 4S doesn't and vise versa? Any other info very much welcome. Thank you
  2. That is the point though, I am sick of seeing doctors etc who always prescribe creams/lotions and everything else with loads of chemicals that eventually can damage and irriate the skin. Products are either loaded with so many chemicals or can be very irritating. Essential oils in base oils are natural and upon research not very irriating if used properly.
  3. Hi I am after a aromatherapist who can possibly help with my nightmare skin please? If possible I am interested in making my own skincare to help with my skin needs. Thanks
  4. Sorry for the late reply on this but thank you everyone x
  5. No not been invited yet but I would imagine it wouldn't be too far ahead? Thank you for your reply
  6. Hi all My daughter starts school this sep, I was wondering how do I go about getting her uniform for her school as I've not been informed of this yet or will the scholl tell me another date? Thanks
  7. Hi All I am after recommendations of a cattery in Anston area (S25) Thank you
  8. Sorry for the late reply all, I haven't received any notifications so didn't realise there were any messaged left. Anyway Worksop might be a good one, do you know if the church has a website with their details? Times etc? Thanks
  9. Hi all I am interested in going to a Psychic Chruch/Group in North/South Anston area if there is one? I dont have transport so these areas would be more ideal. Thank you
  10. Thank you for your not needed comment. FYI I have looked at all replies and thankful for them all. Not everyone is sat in front of a computer screen every second of the day. Unless you know about my life and what is happening, please keep comments to yourself.
  11. Thanks for this but I have also come across it before but this is not the sort I am after. I am after just one like Avon sells (unfortunately is out of stock on website). The search continues.
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