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  1. Hi, Did anyone else get a leaflet through their letter box this morning? It's printed double sided and starts with HERALD (Today and Tomorrow) in bold and contains loads of outspoken statments, sort of ramblings.
  2. not sure if this has already been posted but just read this: I found the following in a scrapbook in the Local Studies Library by a man called Henry Tatton. Henry was born in 1861 and for 50 years kept an ironmongers stall in the Market Hall. He died in 1946, but at the age of 59, in 1920, he decided to learn to draw, and kept these scrapbooks of his drawings of Sheffield. He also scattered them with things he came across he thought were interesting. The following he got from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, but didn't note the date. If you want to look it up it's in volume 3 of his notes, page 229. "Underground passages in Sheffield. There are old coal mine workings in the vicinity of Rockingham Street. The Manor passage may have been used to bring drinking water to the Park from the Manor well or spring. Then there was the wooden pipes made from hollowed tree trunks used to convey water from Brookhill to the Hartshead. These carrier passages are being put forward as subterranean passages. Fragments of tunnels found under the Castle Hill, same size as the Manor Passage. There is another passage at the Manor, going West. A passage was found underneath the road, from the Cross Keys Handsworth, running in the direction of Handsworth Church. Also another passage from Handsworth Church to the Manor, by Handsworth Hall Farm. Then a passage was found in the City Road brickfield. It ran in the direction of the Manor. Lined with dressed stones and high enough to walk in. The passage under the tramway Club in High Court, High Street leads into another passing under Cockayne's Arcade. Another passage found under Rodgers Pond Hill Works. Also one running towards the New Post Office from River Lane. Under the Hall in the Ponds, the built up end of another passage which ran towards the Midland Station. When Priory Road Sharrow was made, a tunnel was found leading from the Old Priory towards the city. In it was found a built up Chamber. It contained a table and 2 oak chairs, some tumblers and a bottle. In one corner remnants of clothing, a rusty armour and a sword 3 feet long. A passage ran from near the present Heeley Station to Newfield Hall and then towards Sheffield castle. In 1925 a Mrs. Jenkinson said an old man told her he had traversed it all the way and said it was about 6 ft. high. One end of it is near Meersbrook Park Rd in the old farmstead buildings. A passage near Glossop Rd led into old coal workings and to a shaft at the corner of Convent Walk." taken from this website http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=356&start=0&p=44194&&do=findComment&comment=44194
  3. The mr and mrs thing was to be a present not to be taken seriously! I managed to get some Mr and Mrs mugs!
  4. I am looking for a wedding gift for this Saturday (I know its late!) i just wondered if anyone knows if there are any shops in Sheffield that sell his and hers or Mr and Mrs items? Cheers
  5. Not got one of those but I have a LG viewty and I think its propper ace! infact I just had a play and now it looks like an iphone! ha!
  6. Thats what I thought might happen. My pvr is just connected to my lcd TV with a scart and the picture is a bit blocky and i thought that if I ran it through the dvd it might make the picture a bit better. My tv is connected with an indoor aerial so its not ideal, I just thought I could cheat a better picture!
  7. I wondered if anyone has any advice on upscaling my pvr. I have a humax pvr that only has scart output but my DVD has just packed up and I wondered if I was to get a DVD recorder with upscaling would my pvr picture be better if i ran it through the DVD and then to the tv via the HDMI cable?? ren
  8. I appealed against my offer and just found out that I actually won!! After doing my research I found that in some cases there was more than 1 job description for the same job title and at different pay bands. It looks as though the lazy beggars have just picked the first one they had seen and not bothered to read the descriptions fully and that caused unfair banding.
  9. Hi, Just wondered if anyone out there knows or does face paiting for children's parties. I am looking having a party for my 4 year old on the 3th of May for around 15 children. I have PM'd Zebra on here as I believe she is the person to ask but im not sure if she is around. Thanks
  10. I have got one now mate! sorry to mess you about.
  11. its not illegal though is it? I know there is a piracy issue but to change the firmware is ok? I can get hold of a old PSP with official v1.5 firmware so that wouldnt need changing it just making the emulators work.
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