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  1. This is a permanent knife bin - the official launch is between 2.30 until 3pm Sorry for the confusion
  2. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/four-hundred-knives-taken-birminghams-10084087 http://supatrax.co.uk/index.php/news/292-knife-bins-are-they-a-load-of-rubbish
  3. One Nation Community Centre, 7 Leyburn Road, Nether Edge S8 0XA This is a permanent knife bin - the official launch is between 2.30 until 3pm Sorry for the confusion
  4. A recent four week amnesty in Manchester collected over 1100 knives so we shall have to see what happens in Sheffield
  5. Yes you can but please use the following advice when disposing of knives HOW TO WRAP A KNIFE You can use newspaper or cardboard and you will need some sticky tape. To avoid personal injury, do not handle the sharp bladed edge of the knife.Using a few sheets of newspaper or cardboard, carefully wrap the knife with enough material to prevent it piercing through. Seal carefully with lots of sticky tape. This should prevent it from being easily removed or falling out of its wrapping. The knife must be wrapped or secured in a way that it can't be easily removed or used if you're challenged. GOING TO THE KNIFE BIN Familiarise yourself with the location of the knife bin. If it makes you feel safer, take your knife to the knife bin in daylight hours. Remember!!!!! It is still an offence to have the knife in a public place, but it is reasonable to be in possession of it when it is wrapped up as described and if you are going directly to the weapons bin to dispose of it. REMEMBER Exercise caution. Be safe, not sorry.
  6. Knife Awareness Project and One Nation Community Centre are officially launching a knife surrender bank tomorrow (Saturday 16th Jan). The launch will be opened by Lord and Lady Mayor; boxer Ryan Rhodes; dj and entertainer MC Nige and well known rappers ScumFam.
  7. Burger van needed for event 28th March in Sheffield. Please call 07401382806 for details
  8. Following the success of the Peace Act at the Birmingham Rep theatre last year, Knife Awareness Project are proud to present an afternoon of family entertainment and activities., at the UMix Centre, Sheffield on March 28th. The theme of the event is preventing youth violence and will include, for the first time ever, a mixed genre of live performances featuring local and national artists. They share one common aim - to help prevent youth violence and encourage young people to make better life choices. We are also fortunate to have two internationally renowned speakers who will address young people on issues regarding escaping from crime and violence. The entire event will be hosted by well-known host MC Nige and will also feature stalls, bouncy castles, workshops and children's entertainment. For information regarding stalls and sponsorship opportunities, please call/text Cheryl on 07401382806 @AntiKnifeSheff #peaceactsheffield https://www.facebook.com/events/1578636732370345/
  9. This has now been resolved. Thank you for your help and advice
  10. Please join our anti knife campaign here in Sheffield. Plans include a city wide amnesty, free self defence courses, a training and educational initiative for schools and colleges. We need your support! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drop-the-Knife-Get-a-Life-Sheffield/661965377158012?ref_type=bookmark
  11. Please sign this very important petition and help make our streets safer http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/64790 On behalf of Drop the Knife. Get a Life anti knife campaign
  12. Looking for swimming classes, rugby coaching, athletics, gymnastics and climbing for young children in S10??
  13. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/man-stabbed-on-sheffield-street-1-6328315 ---------- Post added 20-12-2013 at 17:53 ---------- Does anyone have any news on this?? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drop-the-Knife-Get-a-Life-Sheffield/661965377158012
  14. AntiKnife Campaign in Sheffield https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drop-the-Knife-Get-a-Life-Sheffield/661965377158012
  15. I'm trying very hard to find a suitable property in Sheffield. I will be moving into the area with my kids to take up post-grad study and also to transfer my cancer treatment to Weston Park. After finding a property, with Haybrooks, I was more or less coerced into taking it straightaway (potential tenants waiting outside to view while I was viewing), and asked to pay a deposit straight away (to secure the property or one of the potential tenants may take it). Even though it was a weekend, my card details were taken and phoned through to office. After this I had to make the 200 mile return trip after 2 days to bring in id and sign the agreement. I was paying six months rent in advance to speed up the process and secure the property so I could register kids at local schools. I was advised that all references would be taken up straight away and I would receive the offer letter within a few days. Despite these assurances, my character reference was not contacted, and Haybrook failed to ask me to provide an alternative. Is it unreasonable to question the integrity of such an estate agent, who was so quick to take my money (£257) and then not bother chasing up references. They have now refused to return my deposit, even though they know that the whole episode has impacted on my health. I was even advised by them to 'take the property, what's the point in withdrawing when you will have to start the process over again'. This is a matter of principle - and to make matters worse I had submitted an appeal to their lettings department, and surprise, surprise, it has been ignored. So, this is now going to the head office, and I will also be advising the local press. These big companies should not be allowed to intimidate tenants, especially women on their own with children, especially in my case with my serious illness. Shame on you, Haybrooks!
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