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  1. I am sorry to say that know you wont see me in a few days as when i have got the rest of my email address from some of my friends on here I am going to ask the moderators to remove me from this forum. the time as come to start a new life and look at my 3 year old son grow up before it is too late, I also need to spend more time with the rest of my family instead of being on the forum all the time. so this will be my last message to you all and if you are ever in scotland come and see me rolling out of the real ale bars slightly legless what am I saying I shall not have time to drink and besides I dont want to finnish up back in rehab again. so to all of you enjoy your life and live it to the fullest and thanks for all the kind words from some of the friends what I have still got left. if I keep winding people up then come the next year or so I will have to move out to the north pole and live with all the penguins I have always fancied being where the make them chocolate bars. so bye friends I cant list you all as I would be here for about 3 hours but you all know who you are.
  2. makes it even better now that I have just got a new hi fi and the total watts is it will be blasting out 650 watts and my speakers stand over 2 foot tall so get ready sheffield for the loudest rock/metal music you will listen too and if the weather is going to hot on friday,saturday,sunday then I am having a weekend party with plenty of loud rock music plenty of booze and plenty of neighbours to wish us luck when we leave this god forsaken hole they called sheffield. oh and dont reply to me because I will know longer be on this forum in about 1 hours time.
  3. I wonder if they would argue which side they butter there bread on or when you do butter it do you do all the corners as well or just do the middle. then again I wonder if they would argue which is the best way to stir a cup of tea or coffee.
  4. To all my friends and not so friends well them that hate me being on here I will be leaving the forum on the 12th of august 2006, I wont be coming back on the sheffield forum when I have settled in my new house in scotland, I think it will be the best for me to keep off it as I have upset quite a few people since I have been on here so let somebody else upset them. I have enjoyed my time on this forum and had some brilliant feed back on some of the questions I have asked and on some of the threads I have started. but I think it would be for the better to stay of this forum either that or get thrown off I have got some of my friends email addresses so I will keep in touch with you all that way, but not via the forum and on a sad note I have had a relapse which lasted 3 weeks but I managed to stop myself before it got out of hand. I would like to say thank you to redrobbo and no bike john for the great days we had out doing our photography i shall never forget you guys and I would also like to say thanks to all the moderators for putting up with me and especially kristian who I never did get to meet in person oh and the one person I would love to have met is you plain talker because you did give me some good sound advice. so bye friends BIGKEV
  5. I have my rock music blasting out when the weather is very warm but I am in competion with my next door neighbour he blasts out robbie williams and all that sh*t pop music like madness, whitney houston, tina turner and so forth but I on the other hand blast out the likes of Iron maiden, metallica, ac/dc, deep purple, black sabbath, motorhead, pink floyd, uriah heep and all the other rock/metal groups but we knock it off at 18:00 as it is not fair on the younger people them below the age of 4, but my son who is 4 years old sulks if I turn down my rock/metal music because thats what we are bringing him up to listen too not this sh*t music they call pop music. when he was in my girlfriends womb and about 2 months before he was due to be born we would always play rock music not loud and when he was born he use to listen to heavy metal music so he could go to sleep we have tried every music to get him to sleep but it is heavy metal/rock music that he sleeps on and in the morning if you dont watch him he will put the cd player on and turn up the rock music what is on the disc's.
  6. why as the cricket season started already yipee this is sure better than football and a lot more enjoyable i shall be listening on my radio to the cricket scores come on england.
  7. add him to the never ending list of the people who throw themselfs under the trains in the stations, maybe they might realise that a train either leaving the station or coming in to it wont be going very fast, if they want to kill themselfs then do it further up the line when the trains are travelling fast that way know body in the station will throw up when they see the person under the train, because there wont be much left of him. I have seen countless people go under the trains in midland station and none of them have been killed been badly damaged but they have lived. I shall now wait for the comments on what I will get for putting all that down but am I bothered NO.
  8. my daughter likes him a lot but like I told her we could have his face put on the bottom of our toilet so when it came to take a pee or the other one he would cop it in the face I cant repeat what my daughter said to me but she does have a big poster of him on her wall, well she did up to two weeks ago until I went and altered his face with my black marker pen. I have now got a liftime ban from going in to her room but I am happy has she is the one who as to hoover her bedroom up and not me.
  9. I use to wear one in the seventies when I was knocking about the club scenes with a group they was a comedy group which when you think about it the only comedy they did was when they went for a beer from after playing, the comedy side was left to me as I use to take tommy cooper off so i had to wear a bow tie and a suit when they had been playing for about 10 minutes I would walk in to the concert room with my bow tie spinning round complete with my cario fez on taking tommy cooper off, the people would watch me instead of the group and yes I use to **** up some of the tricks that i did so the group use to complain and then I would get ejected from the concert room, only to walk on the stage throught the stage door and then start again doing my tommy cooper take offs, buy this time the group would refuse to play until I had been escorted out of the club all the time my bow tie would still be spinning then i would come back in just has the group had finnished and the lead singer would announce this is our comedy front man.
  10. I got a letter last week saying I had won a holiday to florida and this came from some company called club la costa ( uk ) in london it also goes on to say that I will get seven nights luxury accommodation for up to 4 people along with 4 return flights, it also goes on to say that I will recieve some bonus gifts like free vouchers worth £75 redeemable at argos,mark and spencers, john lewis, debenhams and selfridges and that i should be at their leeds office for 19:00 next friday night to claim it also this hoilday is valid for 18 months, then i got a phone call from them on thursday asking if I would be going to leeds on the friday to pick it up, my reply was know I dont think so as I will be busy with my new bride who as just had her 65th birthday they put the phone down on me. nothing is free in this world you have to pay for everything holidays included
  11. here here best thing that could ever happen get them in the forces and get all the pent up aggression out of them fighting in the wars what are going of in this world.
  12. did I see something on the forum about a hot air balloon festival coming up sometime this month or in july at greaves park. or did I imagine it oh dont tell me I have missed it as it was last month, I shall have to start and put the dates of any festivals what come up on the forum into my work diary so then i know I shall not miss them.
  13. jen13kd for your information I work for a living and have done for the past 20 years and i will still be working when I am 70 years old and above, thats if I live that long. I shall not retire but just carry on working until I cant work anymore but even if I did retire I will not except that i would get free travel on the buses because I would pay for my fare. so my answer to you is stopping getting on your high horse good look to you that you are working you are one of the lucky people, but just think about all the millions of unemployed people who cant get a job and why cant they get a job because this all stems from the days of maggie thatcher when she was the prime minster, the iron maiden or tin knickers as we use to call her took it on her self with her other cronnies in the conservative party to start and shut down all the coal mines, then the steel works copied it and so forth so just look at the jobs what was lost there. also she even started the 3 day working week what she nearly did is bring this country to a stand still what with all the jobs what was losted. so my answer to the unemployed is I back them all the way and lets hope they carry on getting there free bus travel, free specs and so forth they also do have to go with out things what you people can afford who are working.so lets just hope you dont finnish up on the scrap heap
  14. to bjshooter you didnt know that you could get discounted travel, these off peak travel masters have been going for a very long time and when I say long I mean a good 20 years or maybe longer than that when they first came out,the cost of one was about £2.00 and it lasted you just like now for 7 days and you can use them all day saturday & sunday and all bank holidays. they are not valid before 09:00am monday to friday but they finnish on the last bus from the interchange ie before 12:00 midnight. all you need is proof that you are unemployed either with a letter from the SS or that you get income support then take a passport photo down with you and away you go free travel on the buses or trains or the trams anywhere in south yorkshire. I use to have one and I was never in the house I was out living it up and watching all the office people and the other soft people who work go to there jobs, while I could travel anywhere in south yorkshire in the hot summer months and have a cold beer sat outside the pub knowing that at the end of the week my giro would be here and I could carry on doing what I did. but all that came to a close when I started working for my self doing photography. so who is going to be the first one to jump on me about this what i have just wrote.
  15. so most of you people are saying that unemployed people are lazy s*ds and dont deserve a unemployed pass, so then lets ask this question how do you expect them to go for jobs or interviews if they dont have the bus pass what do you want them to do walk, oh so if they have to walk which is what would happen would you walk all the way say to doncaster or barnsley, the answer to that is know you wouldnt job interview or not and as for the guy who says he as been working since he was 15 what are you now 16 because with that attitude what you have got I wouldnt have you working with me. do you realise that most of the unemployed cant get jobs they are either too old or they havent got the qualifications to do the job, and before you all jump I am talking jobs like plumbers, electricians and so forth. also my son cant work due to ill health so all these other unemployed people who cant work because they are mental ill or in wheelchairs are lazy s*ds as well. I think this if you were to go on the unemployment you would find out how hard its to find jobs and how do you supose they are to live if they dont get there benefit's or there handouts so what I say is show this one to your work mates and have a laugh about it, but dont forget you could finnish up on the pile of unemployed or will that not happen to you as you are the son of GOD.
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