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  1. We been getting these were i work in a residential home, all i do spend all day hunting them down and killing them they are such a pest and if you dont kill them they will nest, and then before you know it you will have hundreds of the buggers as they reproduce really quick. They do leave a nasty smell if they are distressed i been told its a call for help which i thought was stupid - then when i went to stamp on one this black one with orange spots came right at me landed on my arm and then it bit me! So i killed that one to.
  2. I have tried that, not sure i got a typical steering lock as ignition is inbetween the seats?
  3. No the key wont turn at all but it goes into the lock fine, its almost as though something wont disengage in the barrel to allow it to turn. I have never had this problem before no. Key feels like same going onto the lock just wont turn.
  4. Yes its an auto and the car is in the P position. Someone said to wait till it dries out, but WD40 to my knowledge wont dry??
  5. She was sat in the car and the can was in the door card, she sprayed it all over the centre console area round the ignition barrel (which are located in the centre on most SAAB's) More WD40? Ok, well, its already broke so worth a try!
  6. Everytime i fix the car somethig else goes wrong with it, last time it was for sale the back brake seized up. Cant win! Would WD40 really cause an ignition barrel so seize up?
  7. I need someone to come out and fit me an ignition barrel for a 1997 Saab 900 Auto tomorrow please, mine has ceased up after my daughter spreayed WD40 inside it and i cant turn the key to start the car. Please PM me if you can come out and fit one - I cant start it to drive to a garage. Cash waiting as I REALLY need this done tomorrow!
  8. smithy266 yes i did but i cant PM you back it says you have chosen not to recieve pm's, and it's too early to call a the moment and I am in work soon as well.
  9. Is there anyone that can do 500 colour A5 flyers please by tomorrow evening? I need them desperately. Please PM with quote and tel number for me call you on. Thank you.
  10. Yes I rang him, he said Monday which is fine, just wanted to go away tonight to my dads as he lives near Chester, so if anyone could of done it today it would have been ideal, but these things happen.
  11. I am going down all the usual avenues, calling SAAB specialists up and garages I have used in the past ect, but I cant start my car to get it to any garage, so I was wondering if anyone can come out today and supply and fit an ignition switch for a SAAB 900 please?
  12. just press 0000000 or ####### usually works as you confuse the automated system.
  13. Some of the comments on this thread make me sick and some people on this forum need a good slap in the face! A baby can bring joy and happiness to someones life. I went through a terrible stage in my life were I lost my job, lost my driving licence, got into debt and evicted from my flat. My mum, sister both grandads and my nan passed away within a year as well. It was my own fault I hold my hands up to it as I let things get too far out of hand and was too lazy to do anything about it. I then met someone, and we had a baby, from that point onwards I changed my life round as I had someone who depended on me for support and a role model figure, I had someone to care and look out for, love and cherish with all my heart. Me and my daughters mum split up but I still work as hard as I can to help support the best I can and I have a life threatening heart condition. If it wasnt for my daughter I would most probably be dead, or completely off the rails, but thanx to her I changed my life round, got a decent well paid job, a car I always wanted as a present from my daughter to me, and when she grows up I want her to know how much of an impact she had on my life. A baby can change someone for the better, doesnt always have to be a bad thing having kids when things are going wrong or not working out. They can give you the extra determination and the final push to do something with your life. I will forever be greatful to my daughters mum for this chance and life changing commitment.
  14. Oh ok maybe it can be programmed to mine lol
  15. What does the colour of my car have to do with a remote fob? No it's not Burgundy.
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