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  1. Hi all- any recommendations for quartz worktops? I have had a trawl through various threads without any luck. Thanks!
  2. Good morning all- Does anyone know what time they close Road/roads around Shef Wednesday stadium on match days? Greatly appreciate any info, Thanks.
  3. Hi all- don't want to discuss the incident- just like to know if The road is open again. Had to leave my car and leg it to kids school to pick them up. Just want to know if it's worth fetching the car yet. Thanks!
  4. Jonathan fitted a complete new bathroom for us- highly recommended!! Yolandi
  5. Hi all, We need to gain access to other part of our cellar, which means knocking through a rather thick wall. We can do the work ourselves, but we need a structural engineer to come out and give advice, do any calculations etc. Martin evans gets lots of good recommendations on here- but the are booked up till mid July. Any one recently used this type of service and could recommend someone. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, another neighbour kindly informed that the 'lovely lady' has a landlord and doesn't own the property as she had shouted. The landlord is a nice guy- and all will be sorted. I have a feeling this might be the straw that broke the camels back in regards to her tenacy renewal. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, hope someone could point me in the right direction. We have two thorny trees and a very large ivy growing by our back wall that joins a neighbours land. The branches and ivy overhangs our neighbours land They are on our land, but are in between a brick wall and a now rotting wood fence. Until the ivy pushed through the fence, we thought the plants were on the neighbours side. Clearly just the previous owners covering up yet another thing.... Went round to neigbour and told them we are going to remove all the plants and replace fence- if anything falls on their side, feel free to throw it over onto our side. This was met by a rather strong and colourful reply. She said she doesnt want the ivy gone and as some if it is growing on her side of the wall, she will sue the pants of me if i remove it. Anyone know if she has a leg to stand on as the original plants are on my side? I did offer to take some cuttings and give her some potted ivy- dont want to know the responce to that.. Thanks if anyone can help or had anything similar happen.
  8. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has had a free boiler installed by npower? Any experiences would be welcome - especially what make combi boiler was installled and if there was any problems. Thank you.
  9. Hi there, I received a big jar of wax from my kind neighbour. It is just a furniture wax- sorry. If you look thru the second site I linked too, she has dome fab tutorials. I use pieces of a old clean curtain and cheap poundland brushes when using darker wax. Sorry- not terribly good at tutorials. Good luck.
  10. My regular fabric supplies are from Fine fabrics in Hillsborough, lovely staff- happy to answer silly questions, have some lovely cottons and great value furnishing and curtain fabric. They also have a bridal section. Online i love browsing and buying from prints to polkadots. John lewis has lovely expensive fabric, but regularly has pretty amy butler and similar cottons on sale. If you need a new sewing machine- sewing machines direct has been really good. My machine developed a fault that couldnt be fixed, exchanged within a week. Some machines come with 5 year warrantee.
  11. Hi there, have painted various pieces of furniture following the tile grout recipe. Sounds odd but really works. Used emulsion paint from wilko. Get a good wax to seal. Good luck. ! http://cuckoo4design.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/diy-chalk-paint-try-outs.html ---------- Post added 02-10-2013 at 22:40 ---------- Sorry, right link added. http://salvagedinspirations.com/best-homemade-chalk-paint-recipes/
  12. Hi all, does anyone know of a reputable petstore/breeder/rescue for gerbils. Looking for 2-3 bonded youngish gerbils. Not going near pets at home! We do not have any other pets, so wont be under threat from cats etc..... Thanks to anyone that can point me in right direction. Yolandi
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