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  1. Hi , thanks but the house was demolished around 1980 , so any street view or current maps just shows the flats that were built when the terrace of about ten houses was demolished . I have just about drawn a blank now , have tried Sheffield council planning , and the archives too , so I guess I will have to make do with memories ! Thanks , I will have a look !
  2. I was born in Sheffield , Derbyshire lane in 1947 spent much of my childhood and youth in and around the city but now live in Cornwall . My maternal grandparents lived on Albert Road , Meersbrook , number 178 . Their home was one of a terrace which has the river running at the bottom of the garden , and looked over towards the park . The terrace was demolished around 1980 ish , flats built on the land and my very elderly late grandparents were rehoused on Cambridge Road, off Kent Road . I have a couple of very precious photos of the back of the terrace but sadly I have none of the front , I know its a long shot but I wondered if anyone happened to have any photos of the terrace which was just after the rounded corner shop where Brooklyn Road went down to the right , thank you . Edited to add that I have searched Pictures Sheffield , no joy .
  3. Thanks , I did have a look there a few years ago , will search again .
  4. Wondering if anyone can help please ? My Nanan and Grandad lived for most of their married life at number 178 Albert Road Sheffield .The terrace of houses was demolished in the late 70`s , and new houses built on the plot . I have no photos of the inside or outside of their house and would love to see one of the terrace whilst I can still see ! Thanks a lot
  5. I remember the one on Valley Road , Nanan used to send me for loose butter, I can smell that shop now , smelled of parafin and moth balls The money shutes mesmorised me , a little cylinder shaped pot where the money was placed before whizzing across the shop to the office where a stern looking man sat and did the books, can also remember broken biscuits
  6. I went there from 1957 , can remember a horrible maths teacher who would scream if you got it wrong and scream if you asked for help, I hated him with a passion . I also went to the Annexe in Greenhill Village , no happy memories from there either, just of it being freezing cold in winter !
  7. Thank you so very much ! I went onto the website at Sheffield Library , found a photo taken in 1959 of Paradise Square, thats definately the one and a couple of streets around too , happy memories, thanks , Kate
  8. Thank you, I`ll do a google search of those address`s and see if any ring a bell although the city has changed beyond belief since I left in 1980 !
  9. I think it was around 1962/3/4 , when I was in my mid teens , that I had some time to waste in the city centre before meeting my sister . I have this place firmly fixed in my mind but as I now live in Cornwall , I cant get back to look for it ! It was, I think , behind the City Hall sort of area, maybe the Cathedral , a sort of sloping downwards square where there had been little workshops at one time, an industrial place where I think some of the Little Mesters had their workshops . Can anyone enlighten me as to where exactly this was, if indeed it did exsist ! Thank you , Kate
  10. Smary , I can really empathise with this , my family all supported the Owls , except for Grandad who was a firm Blades man, oh the stormy seas we used to endure !!
  11. I`m in Cornwall , born and bred in Sheffield but lived here, near Looe for 30 years and an Owls supporter too !
  12. My husband and I are in mid 60`s , both of us have worked and paid into the sytem for very many years . Alongside work , I have raised my children and also carry out volunteer work , two days per week . I think the title of this post is diabolical , you will be our age one day and I hope that nobody makes you feel worthless .
  13. I remember one about a little black boy called Epaninandos ( sp ) loved it ! Kate
  14. Our cat has been missing for 8 days now , we live in Cornwall so I know nobody here can help, but just wondered if there was any more I could do that I havent already done ? Thomas is a one year old castrated male black cat, very friendly and adventurous . He has never before strayed , he is microchipped . So far , we have put posters up all around our village, in the shop, pub and post office too . Have rung all the Vets , council , police , Cats Protection , had a local radio appeal and put an ad in the local paper . The headmaster of the village school has put a photo and appeal in the weekly newsletter for us, have asked the postie and bin men, we have searched and searched, its like he has vanished . What I did want to ask is , when a cat is farm bred from semi ferrals , is it common for them to go walk about, is it in their genes ? Thomas seemed to be quite happy to be a garden cat but was also a prolific hunter and I am now wondering if he outgrew the garden , we are in a smallish village surrounded by fields where there are loads of rabbits . I always thought it was entire males who strayed, but wondering if this applies to castrated ones too ?
  15. I liked it , but I loved the Will Young - think I`d better leave right now , exellent !
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