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  1. I think the fact the buses kept catching fire then suddely re-appeared with the same registration plates was evidence enough to us lol
  2. I noticed the roadworks for the first time today on eccy road and at first i thought i was over taking parked cars till i saw people in the drivers seats, then cones up ahead so i pretneded i was turning right and ended up in somones drive, then reversed out and drove back to the back of the que
  3. ahhh I remember the rivalry very very well when i was back at school i still see the two dont get on still then? I used to go to ND and the bus at the time was the number 60 and it ALWAYS rather eventful after school!! On the way to school it was quiet as everyone was either asleep or too tired to argue.
  4. Hilsborough park is good, Endcliffe park is a tad small for bike riding but id reccoment Graves park its huge!
  5. Anyone remember the old Andrews company that were mainly used as school buses and always kept breaking down or catching fire?
  6. Ive seen one lady driver on the number 11/12 who is very nice looking indeed with dark brown redish hair.
  7. There one by the Fire Station in town but i dont know what thats called, last time i went there it was gorgeous, but i was drunk though lol
  8. Please dont put your kid on a bike on the road, be safe and drive to a park and do it. There are too many horror stories about cars and cycles not getting on. Its not worth the risk.
  9. Kebabish is the top place every time, even my dad travells from Stannington just for a kebab!! I did one of those on line ordering and pay using your card things about 2 hours ago from Kebabish, and it arrived in 20 mins i was gobsmacked!
  10. I have decided to start this Thread as I have seen a few Mazda 323's in and around sheffield, and i think we all need a place to come together and help each other out with knowledge of grarages, palces to get parts, help with faults or problems other peopel may have. I proudly own one of the early Models, a Mazda 323 (93 model) 1.6 twin injection saloon Auto. I have only ever saw one other model of my kind on the UK roads they are hard to find! So, post your replies and lets create a nice local Mazda 323 community and in the future we may even be able to stage out own events and get togethers.
  11. Nissan Bluebirds are a great example of a future classic, i hope i dont really need to explain why but i guess everyone who is posting here is a genuine petrol head and will know why.
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