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  1. You know, I'm really sorry, but I'm struggling to recall you Julie. I do recall many of the names you've mentioned.
  2. Hi Julie, Years too late for the thread, but what was your maiden name? I met Dave Walker last summer in Filey. Our first meet for over 40 years!
  3. Ok, I'm looking for opinions on this photo and you make some good points here. I am not familiar with plate photography, so i'm not sure whether a double exposure is possible using such a process. The underlying double exposure seems to feature the same two men with two female partners, which had me wondering if these are their spouses. The reason I think it is the Firths, is because the suited gent on the right of the photo seems to have similar facial features to other pictures of Mark Firth, but yes I could be mistaken. It has been said that when the firths took their own premises, they did indeed take lunch with their workers and mixed quite willingly with their samall workforce of around 25 men. I think the photo is pre firth Brown, as the crates/railway weagons at the back seem to have Thos firth on them and the card held up by the lad, definitely says 'Firths' on the top line. I would love to get some sort of ID on this photo.
  4. Well my old nan would say she is 'flummoxed' with this post! Up here in North Yorkshire, they have a joke about us 'Wessies' as we're called, or nowadays since the boundary changes in '74 'Sithees'. Something about us being oilman, cos we have an oil for everything. ie coal oil, cake oil, chip oil etc.
  5. These windows are still visible on Google Earth street view and I think that Gleighton is possibly in the right area here.
  6. Mystery Steelworks Photo - https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10151220120049050&set=o.25750519904&type=1&theater Bringing this topic from a few years ago back to life. I am going to stick my neck on the block here and make the following presumptions. After studying this photo very closely and listening to other views , I now think that this photo shows: Thomas Firth Jnr and Mark Firth, the suited gentlemen on the front row. Possibly in their new premises, which I think may have been situated between Saville Street and Carlisle Street. The objects at the rear which I originally thought were railway goods carriages may simply be crates, with the wording on them. The board held up by the lad on the front row, says 'Firths' on the top line. The other wording is not readable. The photo is a double exposure. At 90 degrees to the main image is the underlying image which appears to show two males at the rear of two females. I believe the 2 males are in fact the same persons shown in suits on the front row of the main steelworks image. At the time these photos were taken, photography wasn't a cheap everyday occurance and it may have taken someone with financial clout to order up these photos. Mark Firth was a methodist and this image was found under the floor of a methodist chapel in North Yorkshire. I believe this photo shows two very important men in the history of Sheffield steelmaking, with their workforce. I look forward to any input on this and if anyone wants a full res scan to study or play about with, please e mail me at stephen_eblet@hotmail.com
  7. I left Sheffield in 1973 as a child with my family. We settled in my mother's home town of Filey. It took me years to settle into a life which seemed at least twenty years behind us Sheffielders and to get used the strange twang they had up there. I did settle eventually and I still live in Filey, but my Sheffield Wednesday season ticket last year and occasional visits to Meadowhall and the city, tell me that there will always be a bit of Sheffield in me and I don't think I can ever let go completely.
  8. My nominations from the little mentioned and now defunct Concord Middle School would be: Mr Kemp - for those excellent lunchtime film shows. Mr Firth - for being Canadian and letting us listen to Neil Diamond in class. Miss Kirk - for being cute and causing stirrings in an innocent 10 year old boy - me! Miss Gwynne - For putting me in the rounders team.
  9. The mystery steelworks photo is reposted here.
  10. I was in Weston. Can't remember us winning anything much. I think Millouses won everything mostly!
  11. The file has expired. Shame! You couldn't repost it could you....please?
  12. They weren't drab! They gave the street an identity that said, You are in Sheffield. The grey of today's buses is incredibly drab and they give the feeling that you could be in any city, anywhere!
  13. Nope! 1970 to 1973, I was there. Mr Roch was the cane inflicting headmaster. Miss Warwick was fearsome. Mr Hockey was a hairy sod and Miss Kirk was lovely!
  14. I did go to the Boxing day massacre. At the time I'd moved to the East Coast, so I travelled down to Sheffield in my Ford Capri, with my little blade brother and a neutral friend. I thought the day was going to pan out badly, as I saw three broken down Capris' during the journey and I had to park mine at the top of a hill, because the starter motor was a bit tempremental. I don't remember too much about the game, apart from it being billed as a battle between Sabella and Curran. I think the crowd was 49000 ish, and we sat in the south stand. Strangely my little blade brother has never forgotten the game and is hoping for revenge in a couple of weeks time!
  15. The end of an era. I haven't been in since I was a kid back in 1973. My dad used to take us in the bar, where he played crash with his mates. Sometimes we'd go into the concert room, where I used to watch the local groups playing, or comedains, while gazing up at the ever present smokescreen, hovering just above my head. They used to do a club trip to Mablethorpe too. I can recall there must have been around fifteen to twenty coaches full used to go. Was there also a football pitch at the side of the club? Shame!
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