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  1. Just to update Rocky has been on the Patterdale terrier rescue website for a couple of months really hoping someone comes forward to rehome him soon whilst he's still so young it's getting pretty urgent, if anyone would like to take a look at Rocky or ask about adopting him the link is here http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.org/Rocky_Patterdale_DOB_1_12_Sheffield_about9047.html please share any help to get him his forever home will be greatly appreciated. thanks again
  2. So i've spoken to a lovely lady from Patterdale Rescue today and shes assured me what i already knew hes not aggressive hes a typical Patterdale and that they will definitely find him a suitable home whilst he stays with me i feel so relieved he isnt going to just end up with someone like me rally thats overwhelmed by him bt at the same time love him so much! I'm getting him neutered, vaccinated as although ive been assured hes had his vaccs ive no paperwork, and also getting him chipped. Although im still upset at having to rehome him im so relieved that he's going to get the best home possible as soo many animals dont. Thankyou to everyone for their advice and I'll keep you all updated on Rocky.
  3. I've been in contact with patterdale rescue and they're willing to help me, he'll stay with me though and i've got to phone them and have a chat but hopefully by doing it this way he'll get someone thats experienced with his breed. I'm buying him new toys constantly as he chews them too bits. hes got 3 nylon bones he chews on and thats about it his crate has no tray so has a feather quilts fluffed up in their while im out. Still heartbroken at the thought of him going to a new home but relieved at the same time that im getting help to find him a new forever home. thanks guys.
  4. Ok so this wasn't really an urgent issue but he's now started to hurt my female yorkie who's 7 making her yelp I think it's because he wants to play but he's hurting Meg it isn't fair on either of them. I now feel I have no option but to rehome him asap. Thanks vwkittie I will contact them.
  5. I'll try Rotherham dog rescue thanks someone else had said that but wanted to double check would they maybe help with homechecking or anything? He isn't neutered as yet. It's heartbreaking for me but he's still only 16 months old and im his 3rd owner and thats what hurts more its like i'm passing the buck so to speak. he needs some one Patterdale savvy/experienced.
  6. Hi guys, so you may have seen my post regarding advice on Rocky my Patterdale Terrier and after lots of advice the best thing for him not me him would be to rehome him, I have place a rehoming advert on here but im at a loss as to where else to (i hate to say advertise) look for his forever home. Would rescues help with an ad on there page or anything like that and help with homechecking? this is going to be his 4th home and I really want it to be his forever one just don't wanna let him down he's loveable and going to be greatly missed but I have to think of his needs not my own wants. Any advice or help greatfully received.
  7. I think as much as i love him and he's part of the family he's obviously not getting the stimulation he needs have no i need to rehome him! would any rescues maybe help with a homecheck or such? I don't want him to go to just anyone and I just have no clue as to what to ask and look for and want a loving home for him. hes 16 months old.
  8. I know i shouldn't get upset but I have never owned a dog and then just rehomed them to me they're pets for life but he just needs so much more than i am able to give to him he could do with been on a farm or somewhere his owner has a massive bit of land for him to run riot, he'd run around from morning till night if he could. I've reluctantly done a rehoming thread so hopefully get a response. And dont worry he wont be going to just anybody thats my big fear.
  9. Reason for Rehome / Sale: Needs to be only pet. Time Scale – How Urgent? will wait for the right owner!! Sale Amount : To be discussed a loving home is the most important thing. Has the Dog been in Rescue:not that i'm aware of Location: s2 Age & Sex : around 16 months Breed/ Mix Patterdale Terrier KC Registered: no Approximate size : small to medium Exercise Needed : As much as possible Neutered & Micro chipped: No Vaccinated & Wormed: due sooon Live in / out: in very much a loved family pet Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: yes but would be better as only pet. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues: he needs one to one training had no training before coming to me and just does not listen to me, he's scared of men but once he knows he wont be hurt he's fine doesnt show agression towards men just doesnt like the postman but he can't get to our door so not a big problem. Temperament: Loving but very energetic and mischevious doesn't chew apart from if somethings left out he can get too but then hasn't done that in ages Good or Bad with Children: never shown agression to my daughter although would be better with no children or older children because of his energetic ways. Dislike of Men or Women : scared of men but will run away not aggressive. OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals : been ok with my yorkie bitch but torments her like mad not shown aggression towards her tho. unsure on cats or other animals. Travel OK in Car: been in car for short trips unsure on longer ones Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time: he's in crate whilst i'm out so not for more than a couple of hours Destructive Behaviour: none shown Barks: at someone knocking on the door Pull on the lead; not very good on lead dont think he'd been out for a walk before he came to me. Crate trained: yes Housetrained : yes had the odd problem mainly as he's a male but seems ok. General Information you can share about the Dog. Rocky is an adorable dog, he's loving and likes nothing more than a cuddle.He's been mistreated in the past used to be left in a crate constantly (although happily stays in a crate for a couple of hours) or left outside constantly, he is slightly jumpy if you go to stroke him fast think this is due to mistreatment by his 1st owners. He had never had a bath when he came to me was filthy. he's good in the bath will stand happily. The only reason for me wanting to reluctantly rehome him is due to the fact he torments my 7 year old yorkie, wants to play with her all the time and she doesn't like it. I think from the way he flinches the only way he's been made to understand no or that he shouldnt be doing something is by being hit as if i raise my voice abit to much he cowers as though he's going to get hit. He hasn't shown agression to me or my daughter or to his previous owners. He needs someone ideally with plenty of time and patience to be able to train him properly this has proved too much for me with having another dog and a child around he just doesnt want to listen as he gets distracted. This is a heartbreaking decision for me but one that I feel is the best for him and as he's still very young better to do it now than to keep on like we are and him become impossible to train in the future. please sincere loving home only!!
  10. I wont be getting another dog I have Megan and when i've rehomed Rocky I wont get another it will be like replacing him and I just cant do that! He is brilliant with my little girl but just don't want to risk him getting aggressive it's just not fair on him or us, gosh I cold cry he's just laid down at the moment which he does most of the day although he has a massive run outside hmm maybe rehoming him is not only the best thing for us but more importantly for him. I'm petrified he'll get in the wrong hands he makes a loving pet he just needs to be an only dog i think. P.s noticed Rocky nips nose to show affection. ---------- Post added 04-04-2013 at 13:33 ---------- Anyone else have advice, i'm absolutely terrified of him getting into the wrong hands and been used as bait or something I wont take him to a rescue as ive seen how full and stretched they are. sorry that i'm rambling i'm just upset he's the most loving dog but needs one on one where there is no other dogs.
  11. He already doesn't like men he doesnt go for them but hes petrified until he knows they wont hurt him, he hates postman and just torments Meg, I've heard alot of things about Patterdales and the thing that keeps been repeated is that they're better as an only dog. I just don't know what else i can do, he is such a loving dog just these issues are to major for me to just let him be i just don't want him getting worse or start becoming nasty! I'll see what other advice there is but looks like rehoming is the option sadly. thankyou
  12. Hi everyone, I used to post on here all the time but haven't been on in sometime, i'm literally at the end of my tether. I was given a Male Patterdale ?Terrier in October when he was 11 months he's had no behaviour training or anything.. His toilet training is ok, but he just does not listen, he was neglected not by the person i got him off but the people he was with before so im his 3rd owner at 11 months. My problem is i've tried teaching him No, not shouting at him just been stern in my voice he just does not listen at all, I have a 7 year old yorkshire terrier (Megan) who he torments the life out of. He's started getting nasty when the postman comes hasn't gone for me but did the nasty growl. I have a 4 year old daughter and don't want to put her at risk i just don't know what to do. Any help/advice would be gratefully received. Im fearing I may have to rehome him somewhere he is an only dog.
  13. I reccomended her yes, but Kim will also be charging £20 after thursday i'd hardly call it a rip off thats roughly on average with most driving instructors/driving schools and driving instructors very rarely have good offers on like this because it isn't sustainable to do so. Some do have offers on but only on rare occasions. Even if Kim was charging £20+ I'd still reccomend her as i enjoyed my lesson and didn't feel pressured or rushed.
  14. I had my first ever driving lesson today with kim who is at the moment charging £14:50 and ive never felt so much at ease with someone ive never met before than i did with her, she was friendly explained things politely. She also explained to me about the offer she got on it is a one off offer she has at the moment and like everyone else said isn't sustainable in the long run which is why it was for new students starting in march, she also isn't new to it either.
  15. Hello was just wondering if there any updates on this I signed the petition and posted on my facebook too when it first was posted on here. x
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