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  1. still alive http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-18515556
  2. already checked and compliant although need a filter to travel in Germany. We plan to have the filter fitted in Germany as we only have an amber umwelt plackette which will seriously restrict where we can go. The filter will be around 70% cheaper in Germany for the same parts installed. Rip off Britain again
  3. hi pumpkin sorry don't get on SF very often. We mostly go to Germany but have a few weekends away in peak district (recently Rivendale and Beech Croft Farm) We have tickets for the Olympics so we have a week in Essex and a week just inside the M25 in August
  4. got a dethleffs globetrotter coachbuilt MH 6.5m 4 berth
  5. it's ok as there is a flap in the bowl which you seal after use so there is no smell. It's also in a bathroom with a door on so that keeps any rogue aromas in check
  6. Correct but my wife (a German national) had to recently trade in her licence to enable us to get her insured to drive our motorhome as they would not accept her full German licence despite the fact she was licenced to drive up to 7 tonnes (MH is 3.5 tonnes). No test required so there was no real bureaucracy involved other than a bit of paperwork
  7. you will find some really good laybys on the Belgian motorways with some great play areas but you will be expected to pay most of the time for using the toliets at service stations throughout France, Belgium and Germany so plan your stops carefully. this is also a benefit of having a motorhome as you always have a toilet with you .......as long as we don't need to pass more than 15 litres we are fine until we reach our destination
  8. my 3yo daughter also sleeps like a starfish but to cap it all my wife has woken up recently with her head resting on the bedside table and I have woken up with my daughters knees in my back and her feet down the back of my pj trousers because "she had cold feet"
  9. I should probably add we go to visit my father in law, the kids godparents, 2 x sister in laws and one aunt so there is a purpose it's not just a meander for the fun of it
  10. I think you may find it takes longer than you think heading south in mainland Europe. We do Sheffield to Stuttgart on a regular basis via Dover ferry or tunnel depending what we can get a deal on. We have two toddlers to entertain and split the driving but our average door to door non stop (apart from a couple of hours for swap overs, food and toilet stops) is 20 hours. We normally travel in a people carrier with a roof box but will be going again in a couple of weeks in our motorhome so expect the journey to take a couple of days as we don't tend to go above 60mph and can pull over for the night at one of the many free aires (France) or stellplatz (Germany). It's another 3 hours usually from Stuttgart to Innsbruck on a fantastically scenic route but, as stated above, there's not much for kids in travelling as far as you can in 12 days. We looked at hiring a motorhome for a 3 week holiday to Croatia which (including insurance, breakdown cover, additional hire of tables, chairs, tv, crockery etc) worked out at about £2400 plus fuel. We then calculated, based on hire costs, how many days we would have to use a MH to make it cost effective to buy our own which worked out at around 21 days per year which is easily done with 2 weeks in Germany, 2 weekends away (so far), week at the olympics. We bought a 3rd hand 7 year old from an old couple who had treated it like a baby and have loved every minute of it ........so far
  11. in my 2001 reg you just folded them forward and flicked a catch on each side to lift out the 3 rear seats
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