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  1. : Gaz = Im noy so sure I ever get these messages right n so please excuse me. Are you saying that you knew Linda Hardy, 75 Chaucer road in the 60's/ thanks Rob
  2. Old Friend = Linda Hardy 1960'ish, Chaucer Road; anyone recall her; had a sister = Susan. Cheers. Rob
  3. . When I read DJ waxing that JUST to escape relegation is a far greater achievement than last years promotion I fear what next seasons ambitions might be !!
  4. Re your Great Places swap = please contact Caroline 07545 242655, if youre interested I have a 3bedroomed semi on Sevenairs Road, Beighton ,nr Crystal Peaks/ please reply to phone number or email rjsoverseas@aol.co.uk
  5. Unless there is some early words from Mr Manderic I feel that the owls blood could boil over with this decision; I dont envy the baptism of fire that the new encumbent will get given the loyalty we all felt for Gary Megson. The new new man will have 1 match to prove himself and no more. This decision has to have come about by Gary Megson having have had a head to head with Mr Manderic or his financial puppet Mr Aldridge concerning the basement buys that Mr Manderic - Aldridge have subjected Gary Megson to. Gary is much like his dad = " The Tank" left back for SWFC; unfortunately it has to be said that the support he has had has been a pea shooter armament. So wrong.
  6. Thanks. I knew Mrs Woodcraft, used to think I looked like Elvis !!!; their father was Police Sargeant in Sheffield, living on Bates st, Crookes/ I was Bradley street/ best mate at the time Johnny Carrack ( Pauls brother:-/ claim to fame = pinching Joe s bird for a couple of nights- Eileen.. Really fond memories and thanks for sharing; if you do happen to get any news about Raymond- John , do let us know.
  7. Thanks; maybe some Forum connection will come up with Ray Woodcraft /Johnny Hawks history. There was another Group who performed there/St Columbas= I believe Barry Glyn or Glyn Barry. How times move on = Im now undertaking " Care in the Community" for Crosspool elderly and infirm ; we meet at St Columbas same Hall and my imagination runs wild with a mix of thoughts !. Robert ( Smith)
  8. I used to go and watch Joe at st Columbas church hall, Crosspool, friday nights/ bout 1961/2 time; though I always though that Johnny Hawk and th Falcolns( Raymond and John Woodcraft) were far better than Joe = wonder where Raymond an John are; we went to the same Catholic school, St Josephs at Walkley. Raymond singing " fever" was unbelievably fantastic.
  9. . The Foundry Practice teacher was Mr Saul, and the teacher in the woodwork shop next to the foundry was Mr Williams = I think that he gave up with me and wood/ Robert Smith, Stephenson House
  10. Takes one to know one !! = USA would still be a colony if G Washington hadnt been helped out so much by the French, Gen La Fayette
  11. SAVE LINDA CARTY CAMPAIGN = British Citizen, not supported by effective Defenc Lawyers, now sat on death row in Texas; does the State of Texas not subscribe to Human Rights. Why does the British Government not intervene and give her the Legal Defence representation she deserves. SUPPORT THE " SAVE LINDA CARTY CAMPAIGN".
  12. LETS SAVE LINDA CARTY CAMPAIGN. British Citizen Linda Carty is sat on death row in Texas, having been sentenced to death without being afforded proper legal support by our British Government; having been the casualty of wholly ineffective, novice defence Texas lawyer, who did not fully investigate her background and troubled life ( see BBC 4 ). How can this British Citizen be subjected to this whilst our British Government stands idly by and so many others claim their Human Rights. Does the State of Texas not subscribe to Human Rights ?. SUPPORT THE LINDA CARTY CAMPAIGN.
  13. . Wholly endorse this reccommendation of Mr Bennett and the Practice, Leviten Thompson. I was in a 13 th hour spot, but my goodness the grasp of the urgency and the action chosen by Mr Bennett was a great relief. Good hands.
  14. Hi, Bob Smith with you. Used to play for Ship Inn team Bridlington. This would be great/ wednesday nights fine. Mobile 07935 657255/ Crookes Sheffd 10
  15. Just a reminder that if youre short of a player anywhere just let me know/tks rgds.
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