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  1. My rebate has appeared as an upcoming payment on my banking app this morning so should be arriving soon it seems.
  2. If you are living there alone then don't forget to apply for a single occupancy discount of 25%. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/council-tax/council-tax-discounts-exemptions
  3. I lived in the Fulcrum building at the bottom of Furnival Street when I first moved to Sheffield. This was about 10 years ago and I'd say the area had improved since then, more cafes and less derelict buildings. The major drawback was noise at night. Hard to avoid with any city centre living but this area has a lot of student accommodation. The Fulcrum building was also placed directly between the city centre/Hallam Union and the student accomodation. Noise in the early hours was a real problem especially in summer when you want have your windows open. Depends what you're looking for though of course. If I'd have been in my 20s I would have stayed but as I was in my 30s and having to get up early for work we moved on after a year.
  4. Was that not the Waggon and Horses?
  5. From looking at the website I'm pretty sure parking is only free in if you're booking in advance to go into the house itself. In which case you're looking at £25 per head for an adult. If you're just going to the market and parking at Chatsworth House itself you'll still pay £10 during the week an £20 at the weekend. https://www.chatsworth.org/events/christmas-market/
  6. 'Beans for you' Not sure how well you know this junction but there are 3 lanes as soon as you turn onto Penistone. If you go through the junction on google street map you can see that all the cars in the left Rutland lane turn into the middle Penistone lane and all the cars in the right Rutland lane turn into the right Penistone Lane. This is what I see everybody do everyday. Aside from the few times I've seen drivers cause near misses by going from right Rutland lane to middle Penistone lane. Maybe the vast majority of drivers and people commenting on here are wrong but personally I don't think that's the case. Either way clearer road markings would help to avoid further near misses / accidents.
  7. Thanks for the replies, they.highlight why road markings are needed! Have emailed the council.
  8. Old thread revival! Just had a google after a near miss on the way home and this thread came up. This junction could do with clearer marking, nearly had a car go into the back of me today due to the confusion here. I was in left lane of Rutland Road and turned into the middle lane of Penistone Road. Heard a horn go behind me and saw a car nearly take out my rear end in my mirror. He'd been in the outer lane at Rutland and tried to turn into the same lane as me as opposed to the right lane of the 3 options on Penistone. Drive this route every day for work and seen a few near misses due to the same issue.
  9. Just finished a degree at Hallam, I was only driving in from Woodseats so different scenario. I parked on Psalter Lane near the stag pub or on the residential roads around there and walked down Frog Walk for 3 years and never had to pay a penny for parking. Frog walk is a bit dark and dingy but there's a steady stream of people using it if you're working 9-5. In general the only free parking you'll get if you're arriving after 7ish will be the 4 hour free no return places in Broomhall, having to move your car every 4 hours is a pain! The walk from the top of Frog Walk to Uni won't add any time to your journey as driving down Ecclesall road from either directions takes about the same time during rush hour. For the drive home perhaps look at following Psalter Lane onto Eccy road South, turn left onto Bannerdale, straight over onto Archer road and then through the Fraser Estate to join the slog home via A61 and M1. Did hear of students renting local's drives but not sure of the going rate. Doing what I did would save you cash, keep you fit and not really add any time to your journey. Hope you enjoy the new job, I found it to be a good place to study.
  10. Starting salary for a staff nurse is £22000, I've just qualified myself. A staff nurse with 7 years experience could be on a max salary of £27500. To earn more you would need to be promoted to deputy ward manager.
  11. Been to the Rude Shipyard and Forge Bakehouse recently and both had great coffee and sandwiches. Spoilt for choice on Abbeydale Road these days!
  12. Great news, looking forward to this
  13. Sharrow festival today http://www.sharrowfestival.co.uk
  14. Heeley City Farm Festival https://www.heeleyfarm.org.uk/event/heeley-festival-2017
  15. Some good options on Abbeydale Road. Jamesons if the cake is the priority, Forge Bakehouse if the coffee is the priority. Both get very busy at weekends.
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