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  1. Hi I,ve replied to your pm.Not sure if you have received it as I had no confirmation from computer.Please let me know if you got it!Thanks.
  2. I didn't know he had died so early on.Yes,he was probably the best teacher there.The only one I can remember who never had to resort to using fear as a teaching method.Unlike those maths teachers!I still shake when faced with a maths problem.I might have known you...
  3. I must have walked by your house enroute to school.Perhaps you knew Fletch who also lived at the top.I didnt know him ...at least I don't think I did.
  4. I lived on Desmond Crescent.Families also there were ,the Galleys ,the Kingswoods,the hortons.Bottom end of Desmond.
  5. Hi yes I think so WAS one of the Wilcox family called Lavinia?Person in Dubai Brian Headford lived on my street.He had a brother.They were older thanme.Although I did go out with his friend Martyn Cheetham.Sadly also lost contact.I know what you mean.Does anyone have contact with Julie Finchett,Sharon Hunt,Linda Maskery,Margaret Lee?I would love to know how life has been for them.Thanks.This is a great site.
  6. I might know you.People in my band included Carol White Fred Furness Tracey Skeen.I got on with them well but was bullied badly by girls from other bands.I have got over it though!
  7. I remember all these people too.I am new to the site and I think I was in the same year.
  8. I went to Waltheof 1973 1977 still getting over it.One humane teacher saved me Mr Wilson.Wrote on my report I could do well in his subject,English.I now teach it.Anyone else got saved by him or others?
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