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  1. The parts are our own designs but we don't have the machinery needed to manufacture these ourselves to match production needs so need to outsource these parts so not reverse engineering.
  2. I'm in need of CAD drawings of pieces of metalwork such as flanges so these can be sent off to be manufactured. The drawings will often be of physical items that we need to replicate.
  3. I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for a Sheffield based CAD drawing service, preferably but not necessarily a business who are also precision engineers to manufacture the components.
  4. Here are a few from Sheffield to give you some ideas > http://nickscape.co.uk/news88501.html I would also head out to the Peak District if you can, plenty to take pictures of around Ladybower which you can get to on the bus if needed.
  5. The Sainsburys at Wadsley Bridge gets busier every time I have been and is a much better shopping experience than Morrisons or Tesco. We tend to combine it with a visit to Netto up the road. If you are a Nectar Card holder Sainsburys have sent vouchers for £4.50 off a £30 spend every week for the next 6 weeks.
  6. Use this > http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ The page loads 2.8 Mb which is quite high but not out of the ordinary, use TinyPNG to compress the graphics. The problem seems to be trying when to find the site, it takes 8 seconds to locate the site, once it finds it the page loads like normal. Not that technical myself but would suggest something to do with the link between the web address/DNS servers?
  7. It's a nice implementation of the the shopify theme, very simple but stylish at the same time. I'd agree about the home banner, I would make it half the depth If I were you to bring the rest of the content further up the page and make it clear what you do. (check your landing page stats though as this might not be where the majority of people land anyway, those who go directly are likely to already have an idea who you are). As the theme is so plain remember you could use a single other colour if you need to highlight anything, in your case how about changing the 'Buy now' button to something else to make it stand out a little more? Only other thing, when you have multiple images they all load beneath each other & it takes up lots of the page and loosing the related items opportunities, can these be in a carousel like on the mobile view?
  8. Responsive seems to be the route people are now taking rather than having separate sites. It's also easier to manage as it's basically one site which adjusts itself to fit the screen on whatever device it is being viewed on. You can also do things like change the menu & hide certain sections if loading on a mobile so it doesn't get too cluttered. Somebody should be able to build you a more modern optimised site to replace your current site for not too much. People seem to be reporting around a 10% drop in mobile traffic since the change, I'd check your analytics to see what % of people are viewing from phones, if this % is low then this isn't such as issue.
  9. I've had photos mounted onto Foamex by Peak Imaging
  10. This may be the type of thing you are looking for? https://www.facebook.com/miturnart
  11. The works at the Leppings Lane stop looked like something to do with the real time information boards they are installing as they were cutting in between the tracks.
  12. Good luck with your venture Sarah, I'm sure people will take you up on your offer. Make sure you get a few more of the shots from your recent weddings onto your site. On a side note: I'd forgotten about this thread, I still chuckle at the thought of 87.5 hours of editing for a single wedding!
  13. I'd agree that people who don't know the immediate area will be put off by the location when they look at the map/streetview without visiting. I can see in the pictures that you have solar panels installed but no mention of these in the details. I wouldn't buy a house with these installed unless you were able to provide an up to date agreement of the ongoing costs and how long the house is tied into a contract so it may be worth mentioning more details about these in the listing. You should get more interest now you are in the lower bracket, I would imagine any initial offers will come in around your purchase price.
  14. To get rid of our ivy which covered a wall the first thing we did was to cut through all of the stems near the roots, this will kill the ivy quite quickly and you can see where the roots are for each part, it turned out most of ours was growing through the concrete from a neighbours garden which is why we had struggled to get rid of it before. Then its manually labour to cut and pull it all off from the wall (we used a wall scrapper) and final step is to apply root killer to the remaining root stumps.
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