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  1. Maybe. i suppose the point I’m trying to make is we have to keep efficient - and we can’t use every element of risk to not be. We’re putting ourselves in the mire here for decades.
  2. Do you want the House of Parliament to work from home until this virus has gone? im not digging you out - just asking? they run the country. theyve already said vulnerable people don’t have to come.
  3. There will always be concerns they have to be properly managed - people who are in vulnerable groups aren’t being asked back to parliament. heres what rees mogg said He said: "Across the country people are going back to work. How can we look teachers in our constituency in the eye when we are asking them to go back to work and we are saying we are not willing to? "We have to be back here delivering on the legislative programme and being held to account." i find it hard to disagree with that so long as the same precautions are being provided to them as to everyone else - which should absolutely be provided to all.
  4. I would agree if they’d all been asked to work in an environment that didn’t allow social distancing and other preventative measures but that hasn’t happened. why should they not go to work under those conditions if I have to tomorrow. the inference was that the actions of bringing mps back to work had resulted in the guy getting ill - which in this instance it hasnt - so it’s a non-story if anything. someone may end up catching it in parliament but so will thousands of others elsewhere . It’s a virus - we can minimise it’s impact but never eliminate it - parliament should function as best it can - particularly now. there’s every chance if they hadn’t had them back in parliament people would be shouting that it was one rule for us and one for them etc.
  5. He was widely criticised today in the media and social media for his actions resulting in alok sharma contracting the virus. a virus which he hasn’t got.
  6. The op is excellent at this / there’s a reason they’re named after a fish. They’ve taken criticism of a particular group of anti fascists as advocation of fascism. being “anti” something generally implies direct opposition to - and not just being against something. so I am against fascism but I don’t directly demonstrate against it - I’m not taking direct action to counter it like others are. i just don’t agree with it, dislike it and am therefore not a fascist. As I would imagine most people arent.
  7. What’s confusing you and I’ll see if I can help?
  8. I’m not sure our parliament can function properly with everyone working from home. so if they need to go in - and socially distance - they should do so. especially at times like these. because alok sharma looked a bit unwell the media have once again sent everyone on a wild goose chase of blaming individuals, talking of who else has been exposed, talking about the track and trace etc etc. he didn’t even have it...... We’re being played like pianos by the media a lot of the time.
  9. The advice is if you can work from home - work from home. if you can’t work from home and have to go to work on public transport then wear a mask. therefore I don’t understand why it is a mixed message. it doesn’t say work at home and wear a mask but get on public transport and don’t wear a mask which would be mixed wouldn’t it? so which bit is confusing you? Which is when shops etc are reopening so you’re gonna get more people on public transport. No of course it doesn’t. But he hasn’t got coronavirus and therefore the stories that; Opening up parliament had caused it that he has been in contact with boris Johnson and risi Sunak. ......are all irrelevant but still filled the news all day.
  10. What’s mixed message about it exactly?
  11. So alok sharma didn’t have it after all. i take it the day long witch hunt for Jacob Rees Mogg is over now?
  12. It doesn’t - he’s self isolating. Just Another post that someone makes without doing any research.
  13. There’s all sorts of information to be gleaned from it. it gives you lots of information on the trends. The daily death toll doesn’t give you that.
  14. https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/covid-19-death-data-in-england-update-1st-june/ read this instead of the daily death report.
  15. I don’t know much about antifa- but It’s perfectly plausible to be anti-fascist but not supportive of a particular anti-fascist group. just the same as it is to be pro-democracy but not support a particular Democratic Party.
  16. So what are people bothered about then - traffic? worse things are happening at the moment really.
  17. It’s probably people trying to cheer their kids up after 3 months of their lives being turned upside down. as long as they were all in their cars it’s not going to spread the virus so chill out.
  18. Thanks brooker - the price we have been quoted is circa double that of timber - do you know if that is in the right ball park in comparison between the two?
  19. What would someone advise for an areas of c 40m2. does the additional cost of composite outweigh the benefits or is it much of a muchness overall?
  20. this would only be relevant if every country had been through their epidemic at the same time wouldn’t it?
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