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  1. Sort of get your point but for balance all those events are pilot events to see how it can be done. it’s not like you can just go to hillsborough or bramall lane to watch the football when you like but can’t go to a funeral.
  2. We don’t have “news” anymore - we have a rolling feed of a myriad of issues that affect the world presented to us 24 hours a day. The broadcasters preference for the issues are prioritised for us. It’s a slippery slope.
  3. Maybe all these mutations will ultimately lead to it becoming less dangerous.
  4. We’re a tiny little blot on the world map. little tiny island. the fact that a nation like ours needs to even talk about a north / south divide - which stretches only hundreds of miles - is a disgrace. we don’t need an assembly / we just need fairness.
  5. I was late to the party but never got over my first few pints of wards for all same reasons.
  6. First briefing in a while - after a couple of weeks of constant media updates on “variants” I’m expecting the gradual warm up to restriction loosening being delayed “based on the science” to start around now........
  7. Not if you get a mutation that is less dangerous. That would be good wouldn’t it.
  8. India’s population is 20x that of the Uk. In December the uk recorded 80000 positive tests in one day. the 230000 a day numbers in India sounds concerning but aren’t they also relative to the number of people living there.
  9. I wonder if all the pressure we are putting on this virus has the potential to make it more dangerous than it is.
  10. Yeah and what I’m talking about is that it’s ridiculous. why is it important to be told the rolling rate of coronavirus in crookes and also in walkley? or in dore and totley. or in handsworth and woodhouse.
  11. The ability to test for it is a double edged sword for me - there is an obsession with cases and not whether people are actually ill or if the health system is coping. A prime example is the reaction to a bad flu season - we have become used to it - so unless we were told that the local hospital was being overrun by people with flu - we would never give it a seconds thought. in this instance we are given a rolling weekly rate of how many people have coronavirus in the part of the city you live in. There are comparable rates between crookes and Walkley for example - when the residents use largely the same shops and kids go to the same schools - it’s ridiculous.
  12. I think they’re capable of doing well at council level and potentially controlling - we had the Lib Dem’s once! also - I think the things I’m interested in in my council ward would be better acknowledged by a green councillor. needs a shake up. Me too
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