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  1. You’re on the wind up aren’t you. I get it now. nice one. on ignore.
  2. You said there were 4000 cases that could be trebled. that would mean there were 12000 active cases of a virus in a city of 500000 - so circa 1/45.
  3. But you have to factor behaviour in. people won’t bother to go to places as a consequence. so it will have a massive impact on the economy. I won’t not wear a mask in certain shops - I won’t go there in the first place - because I might as well sit in my house and buy whatever I need from there - rather than walk round a shop wearing a face mask.
  4. The point being I won’t bother to go!! not go and not wear a mask. bye bye non essential shop.
  5. You’re literally saying there is a 1/45 proportion of infection in this city - in a country with a 1/4000 infection rate. and we’re all just carrying on. That would probably mean about 30 people on my street currently had it. and you’re telling me I don’t understand. Give over.
  6. You really need to understand the difference between recorded cases and current cases it would make you feel a lot better. we would have more cases than Leicester based on your figures.
  7. What are you on about - they’re requisite in any shop.
  8. Jesus wept. ill wear one when I go supermarket to buy food and essentials because we need them and that’s what I’m now legally required to do. Why would I do it to go to a non essential shop?
  9. I think people won’t be arsed. why do I want to walk around a clothes shop with my family all wearing a mask looking like we’re in Chernobyl, when we can just order online. I’ll have to wear one going the local Sainsbury’s - the same Sainsbury’s where I’ve walked in for the last 3 months without getting coronavirus in a city of half a million where about 70 people have it currently. I won’t bother going in any other non essential shops though- the ones we finally reopened just a few weeks ago. what’s point?
  10. Not enough people will go the shops mate - other than for essentials. We’re decimating our economy.
  11. They’re not being asked to. theyll be out of a job in a few months though so won’t have to worry.
  12. There you go - I’m glad I don’t own a small business.
  13. Do you have to wear them in pubs and restaurants aswell?
  14. Thanks. i can recommend the raven at Walkley - well organised table service, leave your contact name and number.
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