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  1. Has the masons at crookes closed down? last few times I’ve been past it’s been closed including last night?
  2. I’d drive our two cats there tomorrow - pain in the backside they are.
  3. You did say that - just in an indirect way.
  4. If you judge everybody’s valuation of life solely on whether they wear a face mask or not you’re gonna have a pretty skewed view on reality.
  5. I don’t know anyone who thinks lives are worth less? Do you know people who do?
  6. What’s that got to do with the murder of the mp?
  7. No it’s not a problem. I agree with Robert Winston
  8. Always like what he has to say and the tv programmes he did - very clever man - I met him once as it happens.
  9. Thought it was very brave to come out and say what he did about people changing sex (or their inability to) given the certain abuse he’ll now get. was very refreshing.
  10. The bbc is terrible for it. i normally chuckle at the daily “5 things you need to know about coronavirus this morning” Click on it and there’ll be a story about a musician who recorded part of his latest album in lockdown or something.
  11. As does flu. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/highrisk/heartdisease.htm Interesting how there has never been talk of increasing capacity of services to give more headroom to stop any overwhelming of services. Instead it’s restrictions being used to prevent existing capacity being overwhelmed.
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