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  1. Rivelin valley would prob be good?
  2. Because everytime someone gets a job on the minimum wage with no guarantees as to how many hours they will work - if any - the government tells us they are off the list.
  3. The last thing south road needed was a chippy instead of a what appears to be a really nice new restaurant/cafe. there’s also nothing else on south road like the new place so it adds more variety. Really pleased and going to give it a try soon. id have been gutted if a chippy had opened there. Don’t want it to go like some areas with just umpteen takeaways surrounded by litter. south road is gradually improving year on year - is really like to see the Rose house refurbished as that has potential to Improve things further.
  4. No - not a good dismembering obviously. but an atrocity is an action that is purposefully wicked or cruel. put that description into context - a war that was 80 years ago with none of the weaponry sophistication that exists now. They had to win a war for the greater good - were people being purposefully wicked or cruel - I don’t think so. if you take the logic and description to the extreme - those British soldiers were also murderers who killed people - but we don’t use that term - because it’s out of context - because it was a war. come on. Bizarre.
  5. Yeah don’t disagree with most of that. my personal experience isn’t validation mind.
  6. Ok so that’s leprosy covered in respect of red squirrels - Thanks
  7. You also said “Lame apology for atrocities there, well done. I note that you're employing the utterly facile playground argument of 'they started it'” so you agree that these atrocities were necessary but consider any defence of them as a lame apology? Either you agree that they were necessary and are also apologising for them - or you don’t think they were necessary. i think you’ve got yourself confused again to be honest.
  8. Your post is completely out of context. the definition of an atrocity is a wicked / cruel act. applying context is important. If you have a fascist regime on a killing spree gassing Jews and raping and pillaging - who are dropping bombs and killing people and therefore committing atrocities on a massive scale - then a response to that action is required. therefore a retaliation occurred - which also ended in people being killed - but also prevented what would have been a far greater level of atrocity had it not been undertaken and at great cost to people who would never have undertaken an act should it have not been necessary for the greater good. Do you think the majority of people fighting nazi Germany were purposefully undertaking a wicked and cruel act? placing those actions on the same level is completely wrong - wilful atrocity opposed by defence causing unavoidable fatalities is not comparable. The whole thing was a tragedy - but stating the opposition to the nazis was an atrocity is ridiculous. you should have a think sometimes.
  9. Because it seems to me unusual to want to eliminate one coloured squirrel to keep a different coloured squirrel. when there are loads of red squirrels and hardly any grey ones will people start wanting to kill the red ones off?
  10. Why does it matter if the red squirrel is indigenous - does that make it a superior mammal to the grey squirrel?
  11. The police need to do something if this is the case.
  12. Why do you want to eliminate grey squirrels so the red squirrels can survive - do you just prefer a particular colour?
  13. People are trying to create a false scenario of people wandering past a myriad of available Toilet facilities desperately trying to find a council toilet before failing and soiling themselves 😀. daft as thar wants!!
  14. Exactly - that’s what I dislike. places can do what they want for me in terms of quality (as long as it’s hygienic) and as long as the price reflects it. ie if I’m at the canteen at work - I know I’m not getting a quality product but I also know it’s cheap as chips (literally 😀). i don’t like it when people provide a jazzy restaurant to portray quality and then sell you the stuff you could get at the canteen - it’s a rip off. good riddance for me.
  15. No I’ve not done a survey - do you have evidence that we have an issue with people soiling themselves in town due to a lack of council toilets? as I said before - there’s loads of available toilets in town - so why is the lack of council toilets causing this issue - if indeed there is one - of people soiling themselves in town because there are no council toilets. No one would - there’s loads of toilets for them to go to - why is there a dearth. how many toilets do you want the council to provide to solve this issue?
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