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  1. Fair enough. We’ll just add mink in this country to the list i suppose.
  2. The point being - why have we appointed ourselves as natures selector?
  3. Isn’t it just nature? how are creatures going to evolve?
  4. I don’t know - but someone who considered themselves qualified enough to to do it. why does it matter? the wider point is why people in this country consider ourselves fit to interfere initially and posthumously in matters of nature. who are we to say minks should be killed and rabbits should survive - that’s the point I’m making.
  5. The example given is where “qualified” people moved them in there in the first place.
  6. Culling means selective slaughter and always has done. nevertheless - why do we think we are qualified to decide moving the hedgehogs now is a good thing - if moving them there in the first place was our idea and has proven to be a bad thing. maybe we should just leave well alone? That’s not a reason.
  7. Ok relocation would be more acceptable in the case of the hedgehogs. although you did actually say “culling hedgehogs” in your post so it’s not unreasonable for me to assume you meant culling is it?
  8. So humans brought in hedgehogs to kill slugs but the hedgehogs ate the birds eggs so we’re killing the hedgehogs (and stoats)?
  9. I don’t get what “introduced hedgehogs already trapped and removed from some sensitive areas means? Or the rest. We’ve decimated our wildlife in this country.
  10. So killing off hedgehogs killing off wallabies killing off rats killing off sheep killing off rabbits killing off mink you crack on with your conservation views sounds mint......
  11. I’d just leave the mink alone. theyre only doing what they were born to do. what makes you think we’re entitled to interfere with what’s happening in the wild?
  12. I know all that but we put the mink there. we are the most invasive species to have ever walked the earth - everywhere we have gone has led to the devastation of every existing habitat. what makes you think we are qualified to decide whether it’s right to have minks in the uk?
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