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  1. We get it - you’ve got a breitling watch - how many more times?
  2. Just watching this on bbc -honestly never realised the level of sexism - absolutely outrageous. Fortunately most of it is from the past and we have come on a lot since then but I’m coming up 40 and a lot of it was about in my lifetime.
  3. Yes you can - the tickets are sold at the same place where you buy a coffee.
  4. Says the meat eating huntsman - your just the same. supporting the slaughter of innocent animals in awful factories and picking off wild animals in the forest for sport. Who are you to criticise someone else killing animals?
  5. You’ve either don’t understand my point or are purposefully ignoring it. heres another question- what isn’t abhorrent about non-halal/shechita slaughter?
  6. The point i'm making is the difference is so marginal - why are people totally accepting of one method and outraged by another? I'm not trying to advocate making animals suffer.
  7. I like her. She’s a decent lass- you can tell.
  8. Exactly. The same people on the other thread who somehow manage to bring Muslims into a thread about a homophobic bus driver. Absolutely.
  9. I don’t disagree with a lot of what you said. But why are people passive about Uk slaughter rules but incandescent about halal slaughter rules?
  10. Ok I wasn’t intending to do that. what is your position? do you need to know how an animal has been killed before you buy the meat and what form of killing are you happy with?
  11. The criticism of religions wasn’t aimed at you. im not advocating minimising suffering either - I’m saying both of the current practices are cruel - the videos posted above demonstrate that. people taking the moral high ground because some worker attempts to put a charge through their brain (or not bother at all and just stick them) is somehow ok, and halal is “abhorrent” is in my mind hypocritical. i also think true believers in animal welfare wouldn’t eat them when they don’t need to.
  12. Why don’t we take animals to a warm shed in a forest - give them their favourite meal and a cuddle - then euthanise them after they fall asleep - that would be more humane. neither of the current practices significantly reduce suffering and both are arguably inhumane. people just like to make out that halal is some abhorrent gore fest compared with other methods as it allows them to criticise other religions. if anyone was genuinely bothered about the suffering of animals they would be vegetarian - I would respect someone’s opinion in that instance.
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