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  1. makapaka

    Jared Omara MP ..

  2. makapaka

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    Obviously that’s just a generalisation with no substance but if you want to excuse obvious snobbery that’s up to you.
  3. makapaka

    Flaming peri-peri at firth park

    Strange how you judge food establishments based on the presumed intelligence of others . Do you have to be educated to appreciate food?
  4. makapaka

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    Why wouldn’t they?
  5. makapaka

    Jared Omara MP ..

    Maybe you should find that out before you speculate otherwise.
  6. makapaka

    Jared Omara MP ..

    He voted on the recent EU votes re legal disclosure and MP approval of the withdrawal bill.
  7. Are you talking about Akbars the chain? There are plenty of other ones of an equal or better standard - Ashoka for one.
  8. It wasn’t my only point. Read my original post.
  9. She was unlected upon becoming prime minister.
  10. Who said they were unelected MP's?
  11. How anyone could vote for the Conservatives ever again after this I will never know; Tory PM seeks to resolve internal disagreements by offering referendum on EU membership. Uninformed public vote us out of the EU following outright lies by Tory MP's who later vanish into the wilderness. Tory PM resigns. New unelected Tory PM takes over and triggers article 50 without any plan or preparation. Unelected Tory PM spends 2 years seeking a variant of the decision actually made by the electorate to placate both sides. Unelected Tory PM fails to convince parliament that she has achieved the above. 3 months before leaving EU the Unelected Tory PM's own party triggers a vote of no confidence in her leadership. A scandal.
  12. What do you think they’re spending it on - mortgage arrears?
  13. makapaka

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    A lot of it is down to bigotry - I’ll accept not everyone who criticised him is a bigot - but a lot are.
  14. makapaka

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Do you think people only like him because of his race? Why would that be?
  15. makapaka

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Why are you offended by the white poppies when the royal British legion aren’t? it wouldn’t be boring to explain what is going on behind closed doors - please explain. i don’t consider his actions cute. I also don’t decide on whether I like people based on whether they’re white or not.

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