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  1. Bbc quoted an unnamed “government source”.
  2. That is what happened isn’t it? amazing story on bbc this morning where they basically say all the 200,000 cases a day thing was just put out to reign people in. unbelievable really.
  3. Where was that place that employed a load of strong arm police-cum-soldiers to harass, intimidate and assault minority groups? it was definitely a European country, a while ago though, funny looking bloke arranged it who had some mad ideas that ended up leading to a massive war. Come to think of it we fought against it and were rightly proud of our government and brave army taking a stand against it. Anyway - what were you wanting our army to do again?
  4. Presume you mean chapel walk. Nothing on it is there? Same as fargate. Never known it as bad in town - was pretty shocked to be honest.
  5. Only 20! it looks like they’re expecting an invasion. Fargate has gone - just nothing there. Debenhams gone, John Lewis gone. Most of people walking round look like extras off Shaun of the dead.
  6. Had a walk round town yesterday - thoroughly depressing masses of closed shops / department stores most of what are open arent worth going in. junkies all over the place people dealing drugs in plain sight huge concrete road blocks dumped all over the place litter strewn streets won’t be heading back anytime soon.
  7. If the weather forecast says it’s raining a lot all over the world - i don’t call anyone who says it’s raining where they live a liar.
  8. And that you have debunked it. who’d have thought it eh? just from your own experience….. - it’s almost like your individual experience of the pandemic has proven that it doesn’t exist. What platform of news do you trust? Or is it all from personal experience?
  9. Bizarre - like really weird - your thought process. it’s good entertainment like - but proper odd.
  10. Ha ha! Kinda got lost in the discussion that didn’t it. ”so I was walking round a hospital today without a mask noseying in departments” SOUND 😂
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