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  1. I think I'd have to go back to school in the Delorean to understand what you're on about.
  2. Why would you use swear words when talking to your children’s teacher? and if you did why would you be arrested?
  3. (People swear) = erosion of basic manners erosion of polite actions youth crime stabbings shootings failing parents (quotes meaningless public school motto in support of claims) bizarre.
  4. But swearing is part of our language - it has been for centuries. What’s the difference between a lady and a foul mouthed female - is it just the swearing thing or something else too. What is a lady?
  5. You’re missing their point though which is quite valid. the previous poster said he was offended by Christianity - does that mean people should have to stop any public displays of worship? People have always swore - it means nothing really. swearing at someone is different to simply swearing in conversation also. i don’t think it should be done around children due to the meanings behind some of the swear words.
  6. That’s how I remember it - always remember thinking they looked like right handy lads as well.
  7. Neither did - I said reduced sentences - or lesser sentences as you describe.
  8. I don’t disagree I suppose - the post I was replying to originally didn’t state the crime though so was just demonstrating a particular scenario.
  9. Arguably overall and certainly for some crimes which are exposing them to danger. Lets say you have someone out there working in the sex and drug trade operating out of the house their young kids live in. They are convicted but the judge doesn’t jail them because they don’t want the kids affected? Doesn’t seem right to me.
  10. Thanks for reply. i already have a concrete base in place it’s just a new shed i need.
  11. Could anyone recommend somewhere that supplies and erects garden sheds in Sheffield / surrounding areas please?
  12. Havent you answered your own question?
  13. Aside from the issue with the pub I like the look of that new development - it’s much nicer than the existing red brick development next door.
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