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  1. Just total misinformation your spreading here. the government website reported 2445 cases on 30th may. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/oliver-dowdens-statement-on-coronavirus-covid-19-30-may-2020--2 Does anyone on here bother to read any of the information on this virus or just make it up as they go along?
  2. Well it does - because it reports deaths per day instead of reported deaths per day - which is ridiculous by the way. so there wasn’t 556 deaths yesterday. that will be it from me on this subject - it’s like facts and figures but without anyone believing the facts and figures - and coming up either their own instead - bizarre.
  3. It’s really easy to get proper information. like not from the daily mail..... https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/covid-19-death-data-in-england-update-1st-june/
  4. Some have been shown to act in a way that doesn’t conform with any aircraft we are known to have produced though. so it’s understandable that one of the options considered is that it has been manufactured elsewhere - whether that’s true or not is another matter
  5. Lowest number of recorded deaths and cases since March 23rd - excellent news.
  6. The number of tests were confirmed by Jonathan van tamm. do you not trusts the scientists either? if so there’s not much information we can rely on is there.
  7. Thats not an assertion it’s been widely reported. In the case of the 200,000 figure yes - but they didn’t claim to have tested 200,000 - they said they’d tested 115,000.
  8. I haven’t made any assertions. you have - you said that the government testing figures were “smoke and mirrors”. You put some links up about the eligibility of tests and the handling of the pandemic etc. but if you could post a link as to why saying 115000 people being tested and 200000 people being eligible is “smoke and mirrors” I’ll have a read.
  9. None of your links are relevant - none of them show that smoke and mirrors relate to the number of tests and the available tests.
  10. Sampling areas of people - which is why when we get told there’s been 2000 Daily cases found the media reports the ONS data which is sampled from such surveys and suggests much more. you seem to be trying to catch me out. you said that saying 115000 tests were done and 200000 being available was “smoke and mirrors”. ive shown that you’re wrong on that - put your views on other matters regarding the virus to others if you wish.
  11. Well you’ve answered your own question then. the missing 100000 is you and me. They’re doing that already though.
  12. You’ve missed the point again - there can be 200000 tests per day. you could say you’ve got a cough and go and get one tomorrow if you want to get the numbers up people need to present for a test - unless your advocating testing everyone that is well - in which case we’d pretty much have to test everyone.
  13. You’re changing the argument now - this was about “smoke and mirrors” regarding testing figures. there is no smoke and mirrors about testing figures - it’s very clear. if you have symptoms there is the facility to test 200,000 people. 115000 showed up for tests. thats it.
  14. Yes - so - how many tests do you want done? you said it was a strawman to suggest everyone needs to be tested but it’s not is it? wed have to test everyone. also if 78% are asymptomatic- which I doubt - what are you worried about? the only point I’m really trying to make is that there were weeks of hammering the fact that 100,000 wasn’t reached, now people are saying it’s smoke and mirrors that 200,000 aren’t being tested?
  15. That’s not a strawman. there are more than sufficient tests for people who have symptoms - if you had symptoms today you could have gone for a test. but you’re worried people may be asymptomatic- I get that - but that applies to us all doesn’t it - so what do you want doing? what if the government said all those tests were available and 200,000 asymptomatic people turned up and didn’t have it - and stopped 10,000 people that did from having a test?
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