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  1. makapaka

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    You’re absolutely right.
  2. There is if course a difference between being anti Semetic and anti Zionist. which one do you think they are and why?
  3. makapaka

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    He hasn’t and isn’t either. whats to be embarrassed about and how has he made a mockery of the role?
  4. This just looks like a longwinded justification for previous offensive, prejudiced posts.
  5. makapaka

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Exactly. No one has any genuine reason to complain about him - other than baseless accusations of self promotion.
  6. That’s admirable but isn’t going to stop companies using technology to reduce salary costs.
  7. I echo ECCOnoob's comments above.
  8. I don’t really get why anyone needs to deal with a cashier anymore.
  9. makapaka

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Never ever heard anyone refer to Ecclesall Road as champs elysees. where did you hear it referred to as that?
  10. makapaka

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Thereve been scores of places open and close on there over the years. theres loads that’s why.
  11. makapaka

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    He’s been fantastic - the first mayor we’ve ever had to truly make a difference- I wish he was staying.
  12. makapaka

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I have to say - yesterday I posted she shouldn't be allowed to return. When I read into it more I learned that she was 15 when she was effectively groomed and became a child bride. So this girl is a victim - and if we heard a local sheffield 15 year old girl had been groomed and taken to london to work for a criminal gang I believe their might be a different reaction on here. It's complicated and i'm not sure I fully stand behind my first assumption now to be honest.
  13. makapaka

    Finland and the Basic Income experiment

    They cant burn through a months money in a week cos they don't have it. And if they burn through a weeks money there is only a week to wait for next payment.
  14. makapaka

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    No she shouldn’t be allowed back. no winners in the situation but you can’t expect to be welcomed back to this country for care given her previous actions. the whole story sounds a bit staged to me mind. Who has she said this to and why has it landed straight at the top of the news agenda today?

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