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  1. We are very lucky to have them. ill also give a shout out to my mam who at 60 years old has worked 10 days solid as a dispenser in chemist bless her. lives on her own as well so we can’t get to see her.
  2. That’s me mate. See shop with all people holding a trolley with masks on and think - I’ll be alright for another day or 5
  3. I think this could be a useful thread for the forum at this time. I’m a perpetual worrier and struggle with anxiety - made myself ill with it more than once. if anything is gonna exacerbate it it’s something like the current situation. Best advice I’ve had is to try and occupy yourself with something - I know that’s not easy when you’re worrying about something but it takes the edge off just a bit - just finding a job in house and doing that for an hour. also keeping in touch with people / send someone a message and see how they’re getting on and have a bit of craic. If you think you haven’t got anyone to message - send me a message and I’ll bore you in return 😀
  4. That’s there system for getting people in and out - not panic buying. They’re doing a good job there by all accounts. i can’t face queuing to go in a supermarket - feel daft but my anxiety levels through roof - only cos personally I suffer a bit from that kind of thing and anything out of the ordinary makes me go daft. My issue. just go local mini supermarket - in and out and back home.
  5. I think last weekend was a bit harsh on people - no one knew what to do. they were told everywhere had shut. They were told they were allowed out for exercise and everyone went to same places. ive got a dog (god knows how) but we got him last year. I need to walk him but I know where I can’t take him now because I know where there’s likely to be people so I’ve adjusted accordingly. just needs common sense. weve all got it - especially in Sheffield. come on folks we can do it - use your noodle.
  6. I think the government are doing ok and ordinarily I’m a massive critic of the prime minister and tory party. this is unprecedented though and generally I think they’re doing a good job. plus I think nothing can be gained by politicising this now. weve just got to stick together and keep on keeping on.
  7. I went sainsburys at wadsley bridge earlier and it was calm, sensible albeit a lot lower on stock than usual. still got what we needed in main bar a couple of things which I got from local mini-Sainsburys which barring beer - was pretty much stocked as it would be normally.
  8. It’s important because let’s say you set off to work feeling ok and go through a drive thru test centre (like South Korea did in places). you test positive so are sent home for 14 days where hopefully you recover with no issues. Or you don’t test and go to work and then start feeling a bit rough and maybe infect one other person - who goes back to their shared house with 5 other people - and passes it on to 2 of them etc testing means we know who’s got it and who hasn’t - absolutely vital. it means people can go to work knowing they’ve not got it. the biggest thing coming is the antibodies test which is imminent.People might find out they’ve already had it and that changes everything.
  9. There’s an article on the bbc about this. youre right - there is an overlap. 1500 people die every day in the Uk. it’s horrible talking about deaths as numbers but it’s true to say that if 150 people die tomorrow of coronavirus it’s a 10% increase of what would have happened anyway.
  10. Don’t feel bad - we aren’t being tested so you weren’t to know. the new testing kits could be a massive help it’s just how many can get hold of them. I’m pretty sure this virus has already spread far more than recorded as suggested by the government because of mild symptoms. up until a week a so ago you’d got thousands travelling and socialising freely yet some old people who are sat in nursing homes are getting it. One thing i noticed is that the media reporting is very sensationalised - the number of people reported to have died today was 1/3 of yesterday but no mention. yet there’s been weeks of “soars” and “leaps” and “jumps” every time it increased marginally. the figures in Italy are tragic but levelling out also. fingers crossed.
  11. Hope you feel better soon mate. all the best.
  12. I think the new measures will relieve the stress on the supermarkets.
  13. He was excellent at that time. Measured and realistic. Done loads for the club has Howard.
  14. Don’t row folks - it’s bad but stick together.
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