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  1. I haven't posted on here for a couple of years but hearing the news I couldn't not pass on my condolences, it was a pleasure have met him all those years ago in the Dev Cat along with his son Steve (who was himself a top bloke)... A true gentlemen who never had a bad word about anyone and always made time to chat with you... Rest in peace Red and just for old times sake here's the familiar look DJ
  2. Just go for the sharing chocolate sundae - the hot food is kak
  3. I've just started into this venture and have signed up with all the Major Affiliate Networks and have now developed a site with over 2000 listed retailers that I hope will earn me a little income whilst I still work and study Worth a shot anyway me thinks
  4. It wasn't a criticism mate (though reading it I do agree it looks that way). I guess I was pointing to a selection of mods that had been 'chosen'. I think some would agree they would much prefer a choice of mods that at least have people and communication skills rather than sitting behind a screen clicking on their thread actions and ban user abilities. I agree with some posts on here stating that the 'selection' has resulted in 'I have the power' ego's showing their ugly heads, whether this has been due to members 'colliding' in discussions I really don't know. As an 'older' member I accept that change happens and you live with it but I'm also a fan of the saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' I've met (all be it briefly in some cases) at least 200/250 members via this forum and I will confidently say that some would agree with some of what I say and that some of the measures brought in have been pointless and serve little or no purpose. As you state, this is ruled forum and you apply these how you see fit.
  5. Since the reigns were handed over this forum has become a bit of joke. I used to enjoy posting on a variety of threads but more military style ruling crept in. It's more a case of sheffield'you'll do as I tell you or your banned'forum.co.uk I appreciate that with significant growth comes the need for a little more ruling but over the last 18-24 month it's more like you need permission to post. Joe, Geoff, Sian, Tony and Max did excellent jobs under the circumstances with problematic users but as least they made the effort to clearly outline their issue and talk to users where as now it more click and bin. Mod's ask for respect, people will tell you that you earn respect... I give this post a max of around 5 minutes, my first post in months may be my last
  6. You need to make it one colour then put it in the piping bag, then whilst it's in drop another colour into it - or so i've been told from my cake-making friend! EDIT: Forgot to log OH out!!
  7. I didn't vote last time and I wouldn't vote this time so no change
  8. Happy Burfday darling Boy do I have a present for you later :heyhey:
  9. I'm meeting Arnie in the playground at 3pm....
  10. You don't get a great deal of allowance with Pipeten sadly...
  11. I'm starting to build my empire so that I can support my family now. It will take time but I'm confident my patience and projects will eventually pay off It's a gamble, but one I can take whilst in employment at the minute.
  12. They are restricted to 6 or 7 imports, the rest of the team must be made of up of European non work permit players. Not only the player restriction there is the wage cap too.
  13. They do have import restrictions now in most Elite teams. The Steelers have around 7 or 8 British players. There have been some good British players in the worlds most famous league the NHL.
  14. How much She'll give you a good bicep then carry that poundage around
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