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  1. Iv also had one of these calls and when i challenged him saying i knew it woz a scam, he replied "NO we are NOT LEGITIMATE", my reply woz something on the line of "thank you very much and good bye" you just admitted it xXx lol
  2. Reunited with owner thanks to SF xxx
  3. A black cat with brow flecks found wearing a new black and silver coller, would love to return to owner.
  4. Hi molly75 thanks for your pm could not reply via pm sooner cause iv not sent enough posts, hopefully i can now
  5. Lived there since i was born in '68, till i got married in '91, Hare & Hounds was a good pub, Brian & Mary had it when we used to go in, it was my dads second home,!!! oh the memories, (what i can remember of them). My Auntie also had Chippy for a few years, we lived above it for a while (the smell stays with you forever) lol.
  6. Been told today this is going to be opened as Harios, thought that was pizza take-away, dont think it would work there, (with it being on such a bad corner) anyone any more info.
  7. Hi Molly75, we have lived on here just over 20 years, yes there has been trouble and police about on occasions, but like has already been said u get that on most estates, we love it on here, we know all our neighbours by first name, they would do anything 4 you. Do you know if it is a maisonette you will be looking at if so there is one empty on our block and the one opposite, they are very nice and been modernized, you would be most welcome
  8. Hi, my son attends Bradfield and has a SEN statement,but not for Autisum, he has speech/learning probs, in the 3yrs he has been there he has come on in leaps and bounds, he attends 2 training courses a week which he goes to on public transport on his own, i know your child may be different,but i find the SEN officer to be helpful when you phone her.
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