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  1. Here's a Christmas freebie from MONDOS MOTOR CARE!! Your radio code is 7728. Merry Christmas!!
  2. I do them at £5 per nut. See my signature below!!
  3. Shame, I love that resteraunt too. No-one cooks lamb like the turkish!!
  4. Phone Luke at uhireudrive. 07747769622 Beats any hire price you can get. Tell him Danny @ Mondos sent you.
  5. I had sparky marky for my daughters party 2yrs ago & agree that he was fab! Definitely recommend him
  6. I've tried all sorts on mine but think it's beyond that lol! Don't get me wrong, it makes the bodywork look better, but I need scratches etc filling in & shop bought products aren't cutting it! Glad it's worked for u tho
  7. I've been looking for the same for my car! I've found one that I'm going to call tomorrow called clean detail. Have a look at their website. I'm sure it showed a pic of a red Corsa before and after!
  8. Thanks for the recommendation Leigh!! :-)
  9. To both of u above....me and my partner run a garage on wincobank called Mondos. There's only the two of us there and u won't feel intimidated like with other places. We will show u the problem instead of just doing it! I can't recommend ourselves, but u could take a look at our reviews on our fb page 'Mondos Motor Care'. Thanks, Berna@Mondos!
  10. Good job I can safely say I have never scratched an alloy in my whole career ! And in the very unlikely event that we did scratch a wheel, we would pay for any damaged caused as any good garage should
  11. MONDOS MOTOR CARE!! See signature below> £20 to remove and refit, including new valves and balancing!! We have quality equipment to prevent damage to alloys!
  12. Hi there! If u would like an exact price, send me your reg via pm. As for recommendations, we have a fb group so u can see what people who have used us before say and there's a few on here too! Many thanks, Berna@Mondos :-)
  13. Please don't tar everyone with the same brush! Me and my other half have no intention of 'ripping anybody off'. I've even shown my customers receipts to prove the price we pay for parts just to put their minds at rest! We use quality parts and we get them at trade, so that's what we charge our customers! We don't get parts at trade then make a bit of money off them either! There are some decent people and garages out there, it's just finding them ?
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