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  1. The Addy family lived on Alison Crescent about 2 doors down from corner of Ravencarr rd I think. I bumped in Tony Addy last summer after about 30 years and in the Turf and had a right old catchup. Happy days
  2. Paul Fletcher..I left Waltheof in 77 and was brought up on Desmond Crescent on the Manor? 6'3 with blonde hair?
  3. Sorry, I really don't know any names as I was only 4 when we left to live on the Manor but still came back to visit my Gran. I do remember the Devoties ice cream family that had the yard at the corner house at the bottom on the left hand side. There was also a little sweet shop on the left hand side as you were going up directly across from our house. I also think one of the families in our yard was called Crowker?
  4. The Jane Mitchell I knew at Waltheof left in 1977 and married Martin Hull?
  5. Please count me in when you know the date as I will try to arrange a flight over for it.
  6. My grand parents the Fletchers lived at 88 coleford Road from the 20s to when it was demolished. I was borne there in 1959.
  7. It's probably not the same one but I knew a DJ called Alan Dale who used to do a gig at the silver blades in the 70s, skinny guy with black hair.?
  8. My mums family lived I think on Basildine road in the 40s/50s. They were the Willmotts, Arthur, John, Vera and Annie . mum went to Prince Edwards School. I was brought up on the manor from 64 until it's demolition. Loved it
  9. I had many a happy hour at the silverblades and was also a founder player of the Ice Hockey team setup by Colin Maitland who was a Canadian working for Radio Hallem at the time. The tune we always skated to for the speedskating was the NUT ROCKER. Check out the song link for a trip down memory lane.
  10. Hello Bacardi, what was your surname please as I am trying to work out who you are. Did you move from the corner house when the Galleys moved in to just across the road or somewhere quite close or am I dreaming it. I still have dreams of when we lived on the crescent and still walk down the road recalling almost all the details although I did put an extra house in somewhere when working out the cottons number. Xxx lol
  11. Going through the houses past ours at no 18 I think the cottons will be no 44, 2 doors up from the Galleys who lived at the corner house next to fairfax. Paul Fletcher
  12. When I left School in 78 I joined Crown House as an apprentice and started at the new Rotherham Hospital. Neil Tyrell was a chargehand and Jack Childs was my first person to work with on site. The site forman was I think caled Mo and we had about 40 sparks there at one time. It was a great place to start my working life and I will never forget it. Paul Fletcher..Dubai
  13. Sonny and his family lived on Beaumont road a few doors away from Mel and his family (opposite where the Lidl shop now stands). I lived around the corner on Desmond Crescent and was in the same year
  14. The holmes would have ben there in the fities and sixties. My dad also used to leave his old bangers in her yard as we could never afford to get them running properly.
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