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  1. My dad was the bodyshop foreman for Bentley brothers at Coleford Road until they closed down. The idea was to centralise the dealership to the new premises at Savile Street but the business went bust weeks before the big move. The story went that Peter Bentley had borrowed so much money to fund the building and as soon as any equipment was moved in it became liable for business rates. My dad always said that if the Vauxhall Cavalier had been launched a few weeks earlier it would have saved them. He went back to work there when it was taken over by Charles Clarke ltd looking after the new car stock and I worked there for a while when they expanded the car compounds further down towards Forgemasters. We used to take delivery of all new cars coming from Luton and Ellesmere Port,check for damage and anything missing then stack them away and log them on to stock also ferrying cars out when sold or swapped.Our manager was John Walker but we used to work with Vic Elwis daily.When I think back it was a very busy place with car sales,bodyshop,parts department,commercial sales,truck workshop,car workshop and recovery service all on one site. It always seemed that a lot of Bentleys staff had gone there and just carried on,some of them in different jobs but just pleased to be back at work! I remember Fred Thorpe,Bob Bradshaw,Arnold Sowerby,Gerry Barton and loads of others that I can't put names to at the moment. I think I know who you are Bullerboy,did you drive the recovery wagons?
  2. The Police have a unit near to there where stolen/recovered vehicles are taken for forensic examination.When they have finished with them the owners are able to collect them from there if they are not too badly damaged.It may be that the traffic officers are meeting vehicle owners at the site to deal with returning their property to them.I know this because I had to pick my dad's car up from there when some scumbag helped himself to it!
  3. If the battery has been removed you will have to re-synch the key fob. 1.Lock the car with the key. 2.Wait 30 seconds. 3.Unlock the car with the key. 4.Point the key fob at the car and press the lock button 4 times (slowly). If all is well the locking system will re-set and work as normal. There are a few different radios fitted to these models but whichever one you have you need to know the 4 digit code.It would be wrong of me advise you as I really cannot remember the coding sequence and they can "Lock Out",Hopefully someone else with a better memory will set you right. Hope this helps.
  4. Looks like it's coming down. I thought I noticed some of the capsules missing this morning.Could be wrong though!
  5. Just aim to drive over the speedbumps,they are the smoothest surfaces after all!
  6. Of course it's worth it.You can ride any bike you want if you have a full license and when you start riding big bikes you'll soon see the advantages.Get it done and enjoy!
  7. Me granmar allus use to shart at us young 'uns "Gerrin ere an get weshed,tha cud grow tayters in them earoile's!" or me mam ud say "Look art fot Fletchers man if ah don't ere im!":hihi:
  8. What you after? 125? Bigger bike? Scooter? Let us know and we may be able to help.
  9. Got some family in Belper which is close to all those places you mention,its not a bad little place,quite a rural feel to it tbh and property prices are quite good.Hope this helps!
  10. Probably the thermostat,a common fault apparently as I found out a couple of months ago.Try Bartyspares.com cost £6.20 delivered then 10 minutes with a screwdriver and job done!
  11. Glad to hear Franks on the mend,look forward to seeing him back in action soon!!
  12. Give me a call,I'd be happy to give you a quote.
  13. Can anyone remember the Home Bakery that was on Cross Bedford Street right up until the early 70's?It was at number 62 and was owned and run by my uncle's family.The house still stands,probably the only original building left there now and is inhabited by my cousin and his family.The "Bakehouse" was accessed through the large gates to the side of the house and you had to walk through a covered yard,where the delivery vans were loaded and through an open yard to the building where the bakery was. This was a converted stable,I think as I have distant memories of old half split doors and iron tethers sunk into the walls.My mother worked there and I recall spending many happy hours there as a youngster,getting in the way and watching the Bakers at work. If I remember correctly they had two shops,one on Langsett Rd,(somewhere near The Masons Arms?) and one at Malin Bridge,on the corner of Loxley Rd opposite the Yew Tree Inn,but supplied many other shops and cafe's daily. The buildings that now surround the house were built by Rotary Electrical in the late 60's early 70's and completely took over the area,I think my uncle was offered a small fortune for the premises but would never sell,henceforth they were hemmed in by the factory buildings and still are but the buildings are now part of St Thomas Church,used for conferencing etc. It all came to an end when the ancient gas ovens were condemned and were going to cost more to replace than the business could ever recoup.It must have been a thriving area at some time as there was lots of terraced housing,shops and other industries there,but I just thought I'd share with you a little tiny piece of the old times.
  14. I should think around £600 these days,depending on how much training you actually need,try ringing round a few places but I find Bikesafe at Owlerton Stadium one of the best.Good luck with it!
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