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  1. Thanks to the person that p'd me and rescued Wendys. I deleted your pm sorry chick. Booked in today so will let you know what she comes back like
  2. Sorry AJ it was Al_Sheffield. Easy mistake.
  3. what do you mean? sorry its late lol
  4. Trolling? Your getting patheitic. I was stating a point at the beginning when every1 ganged up on Cuddlycats, you werent seeing the picture then. So do not call me a troll, you have no right. Goodybe.
  5. It was on for an hour actually lol so its 60min of drivel for you lol
  6. Oh, what happened to the 2 cats you had AJ?
  7. lol. really though, do you or have you had any pets?
  8. So Olliemol im wrong by thinking she shouldnt have put the breed and age in am i????Unfortunately, it is unprofessional. The rest of her post was fine as I said. Lets hope the owners dont read this and make a formal complaint, because they could with the breed and age being disclosed. However yes like I have said Hodgepig the rest of your post for advice is totaly fine and I hope whatever the decision they make the right one for the dog.
  9. What you liked the fact that like regular viewers you watched this story line develop for months, and couldnt wait for ronie to find out. Then when she did she dies? Doubt it. Do you not think it would be ok for once if the writers made a happy ending?
  10. Stop it-some of us have taken this seriously.
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