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  1. Kind of a toughie this one Blundells get a lot of stick and so id be careful about using their legal stuff, but on the other hand the biggest problem mates have with delays in housing sales is the solicitor. If your using the estate agents solicitor they might have an interest in speeding the chain up. And then I suppose they might not Sorry - no help I suppose but maybe food for thought
  2. Im afraid the cats are going to be your biggest problem. Pets are just not a cool thing in the eyes of landlords. Id say that anywhere that you find that is OK with cats you should consider - doesnt matter on area cos you cant be choosy
  3. Dear Tony It looks like we both know how house sales work in this country My point was if the seller wont stop showing people round then you are at serious risk of losing the house, after you have paid solicitors and surveys this is going to cost you lots of money. If they keep it on the market then you must be suspicious that they are gonna blow you out and risk you losing £££££'s. this is not good. If however they take it off the market then they are showing good faith and are likely to be a nicer person - tho not completely and not as you say legally bound If youre own philosofy is that a house is for sale until even after contracts have been exchanged, then you are strictly right, but I hope I never try and buy a house off you Its a question of honour and decency I admit its also a question of money to less honourable types Cheers d
  4. Actually can I ask you a bit more please Im about to become a first time buyer too and I was wondering what the market is actually like. I dont want to know exact numbers but did your folk offer the asking price or a bit above, and was the first time buyers lower offer at the asking price or below it? Cheers - the agents cant be trusted, according to them everything I want to look at is going to go for 20% above asking. It would be useful to know whats really happening d
  5. If they accept your offer then say the house must be withdrawn from the market If they still show people round then walk They obviously cant be trusted And the seller must take the flak as much as the agent Im afraid good luck d
  6. Maybe you should then I remember the day bus fares went from 5p to the 'going rate' in the 80's Congestion increased overnight masses If the buses here were reliable and good value and actually ran useful routes then you wouldnt have half the aggro I reckon planner1 First axed the best bus route for me to visit family at the Hallamshire last year Is this a service improvement? Or blatant capitalism? Let me think....... Buses should be part of the public services, they will only ever serve a few obvious profitable routes when shareholders have a stake - obvious really Dont count on the buses d
  7. is it a commuter avoiding the broomhill residence parking? d
  8. jess hi, and bad news about the permits Out of interest what kind of work is your business? I was just wondering about your 4 cars thats all Its a bit rubbish you cant get 4 permits if they are essential Why exactly do you need 4? d
  9. Claireabell Hi, and bad luck You have probably had it Im afraid the parking is happening soon and its ressies only You will be able to park just down the road for a bit but then the scheme is gonna hit hunters bar and crookesmoor next year too Where do you live? Is there a bus or a tram? I hear the NGH is gonna charge for the staff there too and can guess the area around that will become resident permits too by the council Its a tricky one morally NHS staff are all saints But why should you have free guaanteed parking when no-one else does and the busus and trams are OK not great but kind of average No offence - I love the NHS me, but lifes tough and the local hospitals are looking for excuses to make money, Ive heard the Hallamshire make a million a year from the car parks and it looks like the NGH is gonna cash in on that too For as long as managers are there to make money for the hospital and their own pay packets then its just the way it is Shame d
  10. Talk to your landlord And parasite agent ive rented loads Most in scummy nick But anything at all you call an improvement, even if it costs you and is nice, will be used to rob you cash from your bond when you leave I guarantee d
  11. Hi - again The moral here is if you see a car with no plates on a truck.... .... call the police d
  12. thats really rubbish and a damn cheek too in daylight Why dont you start another thread called 'bogus breakdown pickup' or something More folk may see it that way Good luck d
  13. Wowser - I never thought my thread would go this big I kind of get the drift about the right turn and peds So how is burning across from one side to the other at the Pomona/Garage junction going to help? Lets face it arent people who need to go this way just gonna race through the side streets which are NOT designed for serious traffic? Isnt this a pedestrian hazard too? Or will ths rat run be terminated too? cheers d
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