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  1. I have received atext message to say I have won a tesco giftcard and to respond by going online and submitting further details. Is this genuine and do I respond?
  2. Kids have marked leather sofa with permanent marker on seats and sides. Have tried using DFS inkaway but this has made it worse (Not fault of DFS product but ours due to ours as product clearly states will not remove permanent ink). Any idea's?
  3. Is burngreave road a public tip? Mattresses cupboards and carpets and even car tyres dumped on the pavements up and down the road.
  4. Was given s3 mini, originally on orange. have paid £15 for it to be unlocked to any network. have put in a lyca sim. Screen is reading Not Registered On Network. Have tried vodafone and Orange sim, same result. Any idea's?
  5. Have recieved communication from bank on an individual who died a number of years ago confirming policy held in event of death. any idea as to how to find relatives? Individual died at least 7 years ago.
  6. Looking for relatives of claude kidd (deceased) who lived in burngreave.
  7. Help. My youngest has taken a permanent blue marker and used it on the carpet and drawn a squiggly line on a chocolate brown leather sofa. Any idea as to whether marks can be removed?
  8. Having a clear out, how far back do i need to retain records. I have some from 2006, can these go in the shredder?
  9. I have a 8gb samsung galaxy 7 inch tab. Have a number of photo's on the tab and have bought a micro sim which i have inserted into device. Nowhere on the settings can i find how to transfer data from the tab onto the mico sim. Any idea?
  10. Speed camera detectors are now mounted on what you refer to as a normal unmarked vehicle. In recent months spotted on top of a small red hatchback car near northern general. Be aware!
  11. Majority of sidings and land were sold off to german outfit EWR who are a freight company.
  12. You were right. Had old power steering fliud drained and and it had done the trick. Thanks
  13. Car is 1998 model 1.8 petrol. During first 10 minutes of driving steering car is a real struggle as if streering does not want to turn and when it does turn there is a knocking noise. Have had car shown to mechanic but typical when I went to show it, it was fine. Have had track rod ends replaced and new gators but problem still persists. any idea's?
  14. coupe road burngreave cordoned off at each end since early hours. any idea's why?
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