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  1. Do you believe you should have the right to cycle on the road?
  2. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. Would you feel hard done by if cyclists were banned from all public roads? ---------- Post added 26-11-2015 at 10:16 ---------- I'm pretty sure you have the right to refuse service to anyone without giving any reason. So it doesn't matter if someone is gay, black, vegetarian, wearing a burqa, got a wooden leg, looks at you funny, or you just can't be arsed. You're not breaking any law by refusing to serve people.
  3. I really don't think I would find someone in a burqa threatening at all as is a religious garment. A scarf or a hoodie worn to obscure the face obviously not done for religious reasons so yes I would find that threatening. And then in one breath you're saying you have the should have the right to discriminate against vegetarians, but not black people. Obviously you have the right not to serve black people, or gays or anyone you don't like. Any retailer always has the right to refuse service to anyone. Obviously anyone who tried this would not be in business very long. Try opening a restaurant that doesn't serve vegetarians and see how long it lasts. The point I was trying to make is why should places discriminate people based on their beliefs?
  4. If I go to church on a Sunday, I believe I should partake in Communion. I don't have to, there's no legal obligation to, it is my own free choice. If some right wing muppet came along and decided that they don't like the idea of people symbolising the drinking of human blood and the eating of human flesh and decided to ban it, I would still do it regardless as it is an important part of my faith. That is the difference.
  5. Of course they do. They also have the right not to serve black people, or fat people, or gay people. Or any normal Joe for that matter. The point I'm trying to make is, why should it matter? Why should they discriminate against anyone?
  6. That's like saying Catholics and Protestants should adhere to exactly the same code as they are all Christians. It's not silly at all comparing it to vegetarianism. Should meat serving places have the right not to serve Vegetarians because they don't believe it's right to eat meat? Of course they shouldn't. Wearing a bhurka is a belief too so people shouldn't have any right to discriminate.
  7. What is the purpose of the original question? There's a difference between a 'self subscribed rule' and a belief. Saying you shouldn't serve someone until a Bhurka is removed is like saying Vegetarians shouldn't be served in McDonalds until they agree to eat meat. Yes, both are choices, but they are also both based on the belief of the person. Wearing a motorcycle helmet isn't based on any form of belief, it's just a safety device.
  8. Trouble is, when you're driving through a place that you're unfamiliar with you don't always notice signage, and especially as it's not a 'No Entry' sign, it's a blue information sign. The road changes colour for about 10 meters, but apart from that there is no visible indication that you shouldn't be beyond that point. In other cities where roads are bus only access, Leicester included (I'll try and post an example when I find one) I feel it is signposted much clearer as they have a 'No Entry' sign with an 'Except Buses' white plaque underneath it. Also the road is red, and stays red for all the road with which buses only have access to.
  9. I was actually coming from the Holiday Inn and heading up to Meadowhall. I knew the general direction I needed to travel in from when I walked it (yes, I did say 'walked') when I lived in Sheffield. From studying that map you posted, I can't believe I managed to go wrong, how obvious that is when you're so unfamiliar driving through Sheffield!!
  10. I got a letter through the post yesterday after going through the bus 'traps' at Wicker. The road is very confusing there, you can either turn off onto a side street and head off in a completely different direction to the one I know I need to be heading in, or I can carry on along the main carriageway in the direction I need to go. I wouldn't mind if it was intentional, but not being overly familiar with driving trough Sheffield (I was at Uni in Sheffield but didn't drive at the time), I simply did not notice the buses only restriction. In fact, looking at the map of the area, I simply cannot work out how you are supposed to get under the A61 without going through this bus trap. I don't suppose I've got any chance of appealing this?
  11. 2 days late but thanks all the same! xx
  12. No happy birthday for me this year.
  13. A replicator? A transporter would presumably also do the trick.
  14. Presumably you wouldn't ask unless you were close to certain that she would accept? But what do I know?
  15. That's flawed. Surely the same things would just be occurring an infinite number of times. Just because something is infinite, it doesn't mean the possibility of something occurring contrary to the laws of physics is certain to happen. And most of the universe is probably infinite 'nothingness'. My answer: of course some things are impossible.
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