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  1. There is a third option: that Evans genuinely *believes* he is not guilty because he doesn't view his behaviour as rape. From some of the comments on this thread, it seems that some people still think where there is no violence there is no rape. Reinstating Evans to SUFC reinforces this view. It is not ok. I have read the court case notes in detail and fully support offender rehabilitation, but the court decision was defensible and this job should be on a par to a teacher or other position of trust.
  2. If you want to by a Big Issue, buy one. But then accept that it's none of your business what your money gets spent on. Also accept that when you spend your money in any business, the person taking your cash could spend your cash on... Alcohol! or ... Drugs! Good grief, you never know it, they could also be a ... Criminal! There are a lot of scumbags in the world, some of them are homeless, many of them aren't. Why sit about quibbling over £2 which, let's face it, would probably get spent on a pint anyway.
  3. ... or there-abouts. I'm heading off in the morning. Someone good at navigating would be advantageous!
  4. I'm really really really really so so so so so so so so bored. In the face. No really. Really bored.
  5. Get a grip! All the 'everything must be serious all the time' brigade on SF drive me bananas! BasilR was making a small joke. It is hardly a hanging offence. Good grief...
  6. Pirate Flash-mobbing! Everyone turns up at Devonshire Green, dressed in their PIRATE BEST. We all shout AVAST! and charge forth, have a big PIRATE sword fight and swagger away to drink rum. Ahargh, me hearties!
  7. Gosh, this is chirpy isn't it? As soon as anyone talks about doing something fun, there's always someone on SF to put a dampener on it....
  8. I've not read all this thread, but agree with OJ Did It. I got back from Thailand on Wednesday. The Thai women I met in clubs were all very lovely, but they were definitely after money (and were quite candid about this fact). They told me that they are attracted to guys with cash. It's a money spinner. I guess in the way that girls here go after footballers. The farang (white) guys at particular clubs are after sex. It is a business transaction that both parties have to accept. Some farang guys go to Thailand for sex and don't expect to have to pay. This is out of order. The old farang guys with the young Thai girls is obviously disturbing. But the amount of young farang guys letching (read groping) the Thai girls is pretty grim as well. I have to say, the Thai women I saw were mostly in what seemed to be 'couples' with farang men who paid for everything for them and it really was akin to footballers WAGs.
  9. Explain? How does what Treacle said make her in any way 'sad and desperate'?
  10. Glad to hear it. Let me know how you get on tomorrow. Good luck, CM x
  11. I know who Aleister Crowley is! (thanks though) It is for this reason that I know the graveyard to be fake (and also, therefore, to be somewhat an oddity). The dates on the graves did not make sense either. I think it is the Illuminati at work. Or a badger.
  12. I have a horrible feeling in my chest like I've been running on a cold day. Tis DISGUSTING. And it has been there all day. Did anyone else get this when they gave up? I presume that it is the lungs clearing a bit, but tbh it is rank and is making me feel sick. PS I am still grumpy.
  13. Ta for that. But surely the licence shouldn't be about the money to get one but the fitness to be a dog owner? Some dogs are bloomin big animals (that can bite) and it seems crazy that any prat can go out and buy one.
  14. I know, I know. Wasn't criticising - was meant to be a small joke. Obviously not a very good one... Mind you, don't blame kids for their parents imperfections - they are unique.
  15. Fair nuf. Back to topic: I agree with Lotti that owners need to take responsibilty. Why did we get rid of dog licences? (look, see how I can make a contribution and stuff)
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