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  1. I know there are quite a few threads on driving lessons but couldn't find any more recent than 2011, so that's why I created this one. Has anyone recently passed with an instructor in Sheffield that they would recommend? And what's the going rate for lessons in 2013? Plus, any offers for buying blocks of lessons would be helpful as buying a block as a birthday present Cheers in advance everyone!
  2. I always check here whenever I see snow getting bad, updated really regular and most reliable source http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/ Hillsborough seems to be running pretty smoothly at moment but think we always get hit last, we must be low down!
  3. Hello, I am getting married in Dec 2014 and me and my partner are currently deciding on venues. At the moment we are in love with Cutlers Hall in Sheffield because of its old fashioned character and beauty, but have never been to a wedding there and don't know anyone who has. Has anyone had their wedding their or been to a wedding there? Could you tell me about your experience, like how was the food? DJ? Atmosphere? Staff? Venue as a whole? Would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Nat x
  4. I am looking for a budgie breeder in the Sheffield area, but want to go with one who is reputable and can be recommended. Anyone used any recently that they have found to be reputable and reliable? Thanks in advance!
  5. Preferably city centre or surrounding areas, I am looking for a FREE bar or venue to book for my birthday this June. Anyone know of any?
  6. Someone has suggested I try a place between Argos and the pound shop on angel street but I haven't had chance to go yet.
  7. Does anyone know of a jewellers in Sheffield that is buying pieces of jewellery for their core value rather than just their scrap gold value? I have an old ruby and diamond gold ring that I would not like to sell but unfortunately times are hard, an therefore as it is a special family piece I want to get the actual value for it.
  8. I am looking for an antique engagement ring, and want to know where of any places in Sheffield to find authentic and reasonably priced antique jewelry. PLEASE HELP!
  9. My friend had a photoshoot there, they put all her photos on a dvd with her choice of song playing in the background of the slideshow, absolutely awesome And they have monthly cash plan options.
  10. I want to hear about what you get up to in halls of residence. Please get in touch
  11. Hi Beamer, I would love to come along! Where abouts in Firth Park is the community centre?
  12. I am doing a journalist investigation into the world of spiritualist mediums and I intend to go in with an open mind.
  13. I am looking for a good medium who does either private readings or puts on nights you can attend, in Sheffield. Can anyone recommend me one?
  14. Have you seen it or do you know anyone who has? Do you know any details of the story?
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