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  1. Thank you both, was a tough start to the morning, I just couldn't bear to drive past and leave her, to me all animals are something to someone somewhere, just wish I had found her sooner found myself getting upset when it came for me to leave her at the vets, funny how only looking after her for 5mins you still have all the emotions as if it was your own. Hopefully she's having a lovely run round above now.
  2. Hi all It's a long shot I know but wanted to ask on here if anyone knows of a dog who would be missing possibly from the stretton area? I ask as this morning as I was driving from sheffield to ripley I found a dog who had been hit and killed by a car and had been left in the road, I couldnt bear to leave her there so i managed to pick her up and get her into my car as was hoping she would have a ID tag on her collar but unfortunately didn't. As I don't know the area well at all and was so upset for her I couldnt think of any vets in the immediate area that I knew of so I ended up taking her to the big vets in alfreton which was about 5 mins away from where I found her. The vet nurse checked for a chip but she didn't have one but said she would keep her there for a month to hopefully give the owners time to find her. Thought I would post on here even though I know it's predominately sheffield topics but never know hopefully someone can pass this information on to friends or family they may know in that area, would hate for her to not find her owners. She was a mainly black dog with tan marks on her face and legs, around medium size with a pink collar with what I think were silver bones on. Fingers crossed the lovely lady gets reunited.......so sad!!
  3. Hi If any one has lost a dog in the walton area of chesterfield please contact me as we have taken one in today and also left details with the chesterfield rspca xx
  4. Hi Lewis I dont think so sorry the one i kept seing was a fully black cat. Fingers crossed yours turns up x
  5. Hi Not sure if it will be your Tinkerbell but in the last week i have seen a black cat wandering on the steep road that goes down towards the crown pub in totley several times and have never noticed it before so maybe worth checking there. Hope you find her soon x
  6. Ours is just the same shes as daft as they come wouldnt change her though!! xxx
  7. Poor poor thing words fail me sometimes when i hear about sick things like this. Although did hear on the news this morning that it had been rescued by some animal rights team so hopefully he can begin a happy life now xx
  8. We really enjoyed it this year, it seemed busier than the year before at newark. Our three had the best day xxxx
  9. remebered the name is Moneybrook cattery x
  10. Hi Theres the cattery on the road past the Cricket Inn pub at totley sorry cant think of the name of the road but heard really positive things about them xx
  11. Has anyone lost a black and white cat in the totley area? We have recently noticed one hanging around the top of our garden and anytime we are outside he is desperate for attention wailing and crying and now trying to come in the house when ever he gets chance which dosent go down well with our cat, Very handsome boy does look thinner than usual, has a black tail with a ring of white very close to the end then a black tip, and almost half a black face but more white than black.
  12. Have you tried Millhouse Animal Sanctuary? weve had quite a few from there in the past and theyve been lovely xx
  13. No sorry chic not seen her but im around the barlow/holmesfield and also ringinglow area so will keep my eyes peeled for you. xx
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