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  1. Hi willybite,

    It's funny what drops out of thi gob wi out thinkin some times innit?

    Tuther day a were darn town at bottom ot moor an this feller cums up t me an asks me we're railway station were,, an duz tha know straight off top o me ee'ad wi out thinkin a said "down were Rag n Tag mar'kit used to be".

    Tha should a seen look on is face, thad a thought a were talkin a Foreign language !!!

    Mind thi nar days a probably were......:hihi:

  2. One I can remember was down stairs at Cans on Dixon lane. in fact I think they were probably the first in Sheffield to have them.

    But in the pre 18 days on the way home after a walk around town we often called in the Wilson & Pecks at Highfields to listen to latest one we had read about in NME......

  3. Thad think it would be easy writin Sheffield wunt tha ? burrit depends we're abarts in Sheffield da cums from, dunnit.....


    Anybody said " Donkey stone" for the front step yet, and what about that horrable dark brown varnish Dad did the doors in and then used a bit of cardboard with teeth cut innit to make it look like graining...

  4. Metal dust bins that the dustbin men used to come up the back yard to colect , poker for the fire and cokerake to clean out the ashes from under it, Kitchin cabinet with the drop leaf shelf, picture rails and tall built in cupboards in the alcoves beside the chimminy breast. back door key on string hung round your kneck so you dint lose it, and how could anyone forget the gusunder so we didn't have to go out at night to the toilet down the yard...

  5. T.E. Farley was evidently a trademark stamp maker, and the local directory for 1925 shows "Thomas Edward Farley, steel stamp cutter", though at that time he was at 46 Trickett Road, Hillsborough. A little research in census returns shows a Thomas Edward Farley who was born in Sheffield in 1887, the son of a silverware worker. Some time after 1901 the family moved to Manchester, and Thomas is described in the 1911 census there as a "mark maker". I would guess that he returned to Sheffield and set up a workshop at 144 Eldon Street, perhaps later moving to Trickett Road; he died in Sheffield in 1929, aged 42. If this is correct, then the handstamp must have been made some time between 1911 and 1924 (when the 1925 directory was compiled) or perhaps shortly after 1924 if Thomas's occupancy of 144 Eldon Street was short-lived.


    Thanks hillsbro....:thumbsup:

  6. Looking through some old stuff I have yesterday I came across an old steel hand stamp I was given many years ago. It's the type of stamp you hold between fingers and thumb and hit with a hammer and it's just over 3ins long.

    It says Joseph Rodgers Sheffield, and it was made by T.E. Farley, 144 Eldon St.

    Any one have any imformation about these two people ?

  7. Blackpool 1958, with my mates, five other 18 year old lads..

    I remember there being a motor bike parked on the front of our digs and someone telling us it had belonged to a young lad who was with his mates the week before,they had all run into the sea to cool off.

    Now if you've ever been to Blackpool you'll know the sea only comes up to just above your knees for about half a mile out but it's so brown you cant see your feet.

    Well anyway they had all ran into the sea and this lad had suddenly vanished, they had all looked for him but couldn't find him and his body was washed up later..


    We didn't go into the sea at all that year......

  8. There still around only these days there called Charity shops and you don't get nothing for them.


    Owdo Willy.

    Yes, at about 5 I got one and got it through those dodgy first couple of days, it was about a month old when an Aunt accidentally knelt on it, I was inconsolable for a week .

    There was me and about five adults at the funeral in the back garden.......

  9. Lets face it, if they can sell horse meat as beef burgers how many can tell for sure what fish their eating ?

    Personally since they brought in all these Common Market rules on what you can and can't use not to mention the old E numbers every blinking thing taste different, or maybe I'm just getting old.

    But I do know I'll never find fish chips and peas that taste as good as when I was a kid, with lashings of salt and vinegar and that hot they burnt your fingers and your mouth as you were eating them walking down the street coming home from the pictures in the dark ......


    Magic or what :nod:

  10. I lived in one at the top of Alexandra Rd 11/court3 in a yard at the junction of Heeley green Rd and Denmark Rd back in the fifty's.

    Back when the Round house pub was on the junction of Heely green Rd Richards Rd and Gleadless Rd

    We were posh because we had an off shot kitchen on ours but there was no hot water back then of course,we shared an out door toilet (Where I learned to whistle) and we had a coal cellar, living room, bedroom and attic (My room), the attic didn't have a door just a hand rail across the top of the stairs to help in case you sleep walked.

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