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  1. My Dad's family lived on Edwin Road. I don't think the houses are still there. His father was called Sid Degney (a billposter but he originally came off Little London Road) but they lived with his mum's family which was the Aspinall's (Bert, Jack and Les Aspinall was his uncle's name). His aunt and uncle also lived on the road, I think until they knocked the old houses down and they moved to East Bank Road. Their names was Jim and Sis Feldwicke. Jim was a driver at Tommy Ward's. Does anyone know where there are any photos online of what the old Edwin Road looked like?
  2. Hi, Sorry if this causes anyone to shout at me because it's about a Rotherham topic, (my family are originally from Heeley Bottom so I can claim some Sheffield heritage) but I wondered if anyone remembered the Roundabout Cafe, at Canklow Roundabout Rotherham - there until the mid 1990s? I think it was near Willie Harrison's old garage and there is now a McDonald's there. I just wondered if anyone had any photos of it, interior and external and can anyone tell if it had a bar?
  3. Hi all, Not sure if any of you are still watching the page but one of my neighbours passed away last month who worked at Treeton Colliery and mentioned on this page - Mick Duggan. Sadly died of cancer. Just to let anyone who remembers him know.
  4. Hello, Clara Degney was my great grandmother (my dad's grandma - her youngest son was my grandad Sid). She died in 1963 (before I was born) when her house burned down and it was on the front page of the Sheffield Star. Can I ask what your dad's name was? RachyB's message "My family (Holmes/Barton/Cutts/Shaw) lived in Little London and i'd be really interested in hearing any memories people have, or if they knew any of my relatives. My family i believe lived there 30's or 40's My great grandma was Clara Cutts (nee Barton) she worked at Tyzacks during WW2 and my great grandad was James William Cutts (Jim) he was an air raid warden during the war after he was sent home from the fighting in France after being badly injured by a german hand grenade. Clara's father was Joseph Barton who was a steeplejack and family legend says he had something to do with putting the vulvan staue on top of City Hall but i don't suppose theres a way to sustantiate that claim My dad was born in little london and his godmother was clara degney, who i believe was well known there Thanks RachyB " ---------- Post added 10-01-2017 at 13:24 ---------- Mrs Clara Degney was my great grandma. She died in a house fire but don't think she was bed ridden but used to sleep in the living room - think she died aged 88. She apparently would use candles at night which probably caused the fire. It was on the front of the Sheffield Star - i've got the front page if anyone is interested. She was a Harrison before she was married, her dad was called Benjamin Harrison and I think they lived around Little London Road and originally from the Matilda Street area in the middle of Sheffield ---------- Post added 10-01-2017 at 13:29 ---------- I don't know much about her in terms of her character except she was apparently a bit stubborn as she got older. She was born in Little London Road, I think, and married John George Degney, who was from Middlesbrough but she met him when he was in the army and stationed to somewhere in or near Sheffield. They then moved to Middlesbrough but then moved back at some point. I think they had 6 surviving children - not sure of order but Ernest, Frank, Jessie, John George (jr), Irene and Sidney (the youngest, my grandad) born in between about 1903 to 1923. I think Irene married a man called Cyril Schofield and ended up living near Hyde Park flats. I think they may have had about 11 kids. I think Ernest stayed in Sheffield and John George had three children - a daughter (name escapes me) and two sons, Micheal and Philip. Sid ended up being a billposter and managing a billposting business in Rotherham till he died in 1975. Most importantly, I believe most of them are Blades and didn't defect to the other side ---------- Post added 10-01-2017 at 13:34 ---------- Hello, Can you tell me if this photo shows the houses where my great grandma Degney lived, on the right hand side? Thanks http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s21199&pos=24&action=zoom&id=23692
  5. That's brilliant, thanks very much
  6. Not sure if this is the right thread to contribute to but I am trying to find photographs of Edwin Road - I believe that the houses were knocked down sometime in the 1960s. Does anyone know of any sites that have photographs of this street? Not quite sure of the number of the house my family lived in but I can find this out. Also, does anyone know of any photos of Gleedless Road, as was in the 1940s- 1960s? I am trying to see if I can find a photograph of a barbers shop run by the Wilson family (Walter Wilson) - I think the shop was at the bottom end of Gleedless Road.
  7. Hi - thanks Duffems, I got your message and have made contact. Thanks also for the information on Picture Sheffield - unfortunately, it doesn't let me zoom in on the photos on Little London Road but gives me an idea of what they looked like - not at all like I imagined - for some reason I thought they were small cottage type houses. Amazing how Sheffield has changed over the years.
  8. Grinder, The houses were in the form of courts and largely back to back's - three stories high but very narrow. They stood where Gresham's is, according to a friend who knows the area well (my friend's father had a barbers shop on Gleadless Road in the 1940s and 1950s). My friend was involved in the demolition of these houses in the 1960s/70s and said that the house fire probably only took 10 minutes to destroy everything, as they were so narrow, that the fire would have burned quickly upwards, whilst not destroying the houses on either side.
  9. Hi - not sure if anyone is still reading this post, but the lady referred to by David S Dowling who died in a house fire, was my great grandmother Clara Degney (nee Harrison). It happened in 1963 - she was 86 and I think that she was going to bed with a candle (she insisted on still using candles as she was old and stuck in her ways). This obviously caught little. It was on the front page of the Sheffield Star. I think the Harrison family lived at Little London Road for a good 60 years - Clara was registered as living there with her husband in 1911 and before that, her parents Ben and Mary Harrison also lived there. Clara's children were Ernest, Frank, Lily, Evelyn, John and Sid Degney, if anyone remembers the family.
  10. I grow up in Canklow but no longer live there. I agree, it is a rough council estate, no question and it has got worse but there are many of these areas in Rotherham and Sheffield. Anyone who thinks Canklow is worse than the Manor in Sheffield needs to pop along to specsavers - last time I was in Canklow, there was no bars on the windows of the counters in the shops like there are on the Manor. But like everywhere else, there is good and bad people in Canklow and in most of these places. What makes me laugh is that most of the people making these comments think they have the right to look down on everyone, thinking they are lord and lady mucks in their three bed semi detached houses - grow up people, we are living in South Yorkshire! Ten bob millionaires!
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