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  1. I thought that Sheffield Council plumbers would be busy because of the bad weather but there has been a council van parked down my road for hours everyday. Previous to the bad weather it was also parked up for many hours. I wondered if it was close to the workmans home. So if your are waiting for any council repairs, tell the council to check where there vehicles are.
  2. I know I posted some class pictures on here, with instructions from Cat, but I do not know how to find them again. I did them through photobucket I think. Help!!!!!
  3. The tea room was always very busy. Dread to think what it will be like with a bigger car park.
  4. Clue Less. I still don't know who you are, but Anne Wheelhouse was my friend along with others. We were also friends with a Ronnie Parkes who lived on Pipworth Road. and a Malcolm Corker who lived higher up the Manor. Yes. Quite a gang of us used to walk through Bowden Woods to the Octopus at Handsworth.
  5. Ha ha. Thanks for that, but somehow I think these people are not related, only in a very, very, past life.
  6. Well Clue Less, you obviously know who I am but I have not a clue who you are. Please give me a hint. Yes I am alive and well. NOw 71 years old and sometimes feeling it, but still here. Hope you are ok. ---------- Post added 13-07-2015 at 22:04 ---------- Hi John Habs. I think we are related in the distant past. There were so many Edwards in the family, along with the Josephs. My granddads father was Edward Warrender, and he had a brother Edward. When their biological father died the mother married an Edward Simcox from Birmingham and he brought his children and settled in Sheffield. My own father was Albert Edward. ---------- Post added 13-07-2015 at 22:06 ---------- I think I am probably your mothers cousin.
  7. Hi Born Lucky. Yes. I am that June Warrender.
  8. Which Suter are you. I remember Peter and Lawrence. I am June Warrender and had a brother Brian, a bit older than me. We also lived in Adsetts Street at No 27. my grandmother lived in the end house of the cul de sac of Clevedon Street.
  9. This is what I have. A Joseph Warrender married Ann Chatterton in Darfield, 1766. Their son, Joseph married Mary around 1784. This Joseph and mary had Joseph around 1824, and this Joseph married an Elizabeth Williamson. She was widowed in 1875 with 4 children. Edward, George, Joe and Nelly and subsequently married an Edward Simcox from Birmingham. He had children of his own. Theophilus, Fanny and Lizzie. I think that Lizzie and another girl, Clara may have been from this joint relationship. The Edward who was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Williamson was my Grandads grandfather. This Edward had another Edward born in 1861, who was father to my Grandad. My granddad was born in 1892 and I believe that Bill was his brother. They all lived around the Grimesthorpe area. I have fuller information somewhere but cannot find it at present. ---------- Post added 05-07-2015 at 14:21 ---------- Isis. Has your mother an Edward in her past?
  10. I think I may be your mum's cousin. My dad was Albert Edward who had a cousin Bill. Did they move away to a smallholding somewhere? My fathers dad was Edward.
  11. Could you take an English Setter instead, as I know of one needing a home.
  12. Do you also know a John Rawson who went to the same schools at the same time
  13. Yes. Dave Drabble now lives at Aughton with his wife and family.
  14. My dog does not eat things outside and had not been in woods, but the fields where we walk are full of fungii of different sorts. I live and walk around Rother Valley Country Park, and my dog was taken ill last Friday. He was being sick but had no temperature and no diarrhea. The vet was very concerned and said he had seen many cases this week and left any length of time this complaint attacked the liver. After medication, my dog was well again after 24 hours. Don't hesitate, take them straight to the vet.
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