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  1. Any one remember tapton hill road or verrnon terrace late 60 /70s
  2. so sorry its between malin bridge and stannington very sorry once again
  3. went to stannington college 76 82 went in most of the pubs round about . the anvil was the best when may and pete had it
  4. hi annjune975271 there are other stories on lodge moor hospital on this forum please try sheff history aswell hope this helps regards mick
  5. All the very best for christmas and the new year
  6. Hi diksey Iused to live on Westminster Crescent what runs round the back of were the hostpital stood there are still the gates to the old hospital on crimicar lane,look on PICTURE SHEFFIELD for photos
  7. worked for d c cooks tyreland barmouth road 81 to 82 city road 82 to 84.with spells at wakefield road barnsley rotherham and manchester.
  8. nearest post office would be on the corner of rivelin valley road and manchester road.
  9. used to have one every day and a couple of pints of stones,also used to do nice sausage sarnies late 70s early 80s.
  10. just been back to sheff, first time for about 3 yrs,went up eccleshall road a bloody great marks and sparks were pickfords used to be.
  11. eh up aj went to work in the junglies corner with les and albert. albert alos went to pub at dinner time, when he came back he used to send me to bakers for some drippin cakes always got caught by bill smith
  12. Hi carbrook lad i can remember who you are now when i started work there you had a broken arm and worked in the stores did you leave about 77 cheers mick
  13. Hi aj did you used to be a football ref ? All the best mick
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