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  1. wahl have a web page and you can send your blades away to get sharpened but it is in kent.But I was thinking as sheffield is the home of the original little mesters and cutlery polishers their must be a place in sheffield that you can have them done:):):)
  2. tried that with no joy local barber in peaks has a guy come round
  3. I have the Wahl 300 seriesHair clippers but the blades need sharpening and also need some more oil does anyone do this in sheffield? if so could you put down contact details.
  4. gone very down hill glad i got off a few years ago
  5. there is and it is at the halfway tram stop end just of the eckington road
  6. very interesting article tweeted by stephen fry in new zealand cannot do cut and paste on this phone but suffice to say it in the daily telegraph about the riots only trouble is can see cam and pals instituting a curfew but for how long ? otherwise can see v for vendetta
  7. live neer hogs head myself under stand what you are saying but do not forget moss way police station very close
  8. lol so funny, when i first saw the article on look north had to do a double take who round here will go to that it will be another white elephant
  9. very good film you mention it is bad enough now with all the cameras
  10. yeah back in the early 80's some friends and i built a den/treehouse at what we thought was a lido on holbrook/halfway remember the willow trees grew from the old pool? and our den was accross three of the branches but on looking down it was right over the old wrought iron fence(thank god it never collapsed as we would have got impaled) for those who know the area it is directly behind holbrook precission castings just to the left of westfield tram stop if you are coming from town my other post mentions it in more detail I would love to know what it was
  11. I am a bit of a history lover and am stumped by this? If you walk towards moorthorpe and turn right just after crossing the brook and carry on you come to a small wooded enclosure in this there is what seems to be a very rough concrete remains of a fortification. ww2 ? If you study the lay of the land any invasion is due to come up from the direction of crystal peaks(this part is east/southeast and is very steep.) On top of this is are old concrete blocks that hint at gun emplacement with the remains of what look like an entrance to a underground block house near by, or am i talking rubbish and that they are infact remains of one of the many pits in the area. Go see for yourself if you get off the tram at donetsk way head towards moorthorpe turn right after crossing the small stream follow the path keeping the doctors on your left you will come to the small woods and the remains are in there but the fact they are so statejic leads me to believe it was done in haste the concrete looks very rough done during the late 30's early 40's.
  12. since I came to sheffield a few years ago one thing has allways been on my mind what was along side shortbrook stream in the old days, this was long before the b6053 and the westfield estate the stream ran east>west to the river rother. Just as the stream runs into holbrook industrial estate there is an old overgrown concrete basin that looks like an old lido or outdoor swimming pool (at least thats what us kids thought at the time). I know there has been a few mines in the area perhaps it was something to do with that.
  13. It is free if you order over £10, but only want one meal and it will only be £6.50 so how much will they charge.
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