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  1. Just had our front garden done with patterned concrete and we love it John at Pave and Revive 07828018784 has done an excellent job and at a very reasonable price highly recommend him
  2. My boss owns this we just done the bridge he says open it next year:)
  3. Its vw caddy 52 plate two codes 18047 and 17970 can any one find them thanks:)
  4. Driving down the motorway and there was a broken down car on the back of a low loader and the driver was still sat in the car while the lorry was driving on the motorway:loopy:
  5. people living in there vans one out side jewsons
  6. Seen a lot about parked up anyone else seen them:) seen them on youtube to
  7. any tourer site open all year round ///// ///////////// ////// ///////
  8. Anywhere in Sheffield who replace a engine punto
  9. Long battle trev RIP died tonight
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