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  1. Sorry to say we can not offer any food at the moment, we are trying to get the catering kitchen up and running. the kitchen has been left in a sorry state but we are working on it and hope to get food back on in the very near future.
  2. Yes Yorkshire i mentioned this this season, we are in the top 20 teams in the country if we are called Netherthorpe we would be seeded and therefore not draw any of the other top teams in the first round, unlike this year drawing Whitehaven who are also seeded.
  3. The only thing that has to change is commitment of the players who keep harping on about other players. The players that went to Yarmouth this time were committed to the team not prima donnas who tell us how good they, the players that did not go because of work, family and personal reasons were valid excuses, I am sorry to say that I carnt afford it is not an excuse, there is a player in the squad that has not had a job for years untill recently but never let the side down. Its the same old statement said by some players that did not go IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GO TO YARMOUTH DONT PLAY IN THE LEAGUE. Do us a favour and go and play elsewhere then you carnt let us down again.
  4. It was not any of the regulars it was someone that I would have thought better of. Such as yourself and others said they were not going for personal reasons but when you pay and dont go is beyond belief. Ihave sent you a text to clear this up see you soon mate;)
  5. Well Al it happend again Interleague K/O Cup gone down expecting a turn out of a least 9 players and what do you think happend, yes 8. We know certain players had said they were not going, but when players say they are going and dont turn up this has really ****** me off. Players have had problems with family such as newborns and ill health but there is no excuse for limp excuses. Well played to the lads that went down to Yarmouth and gave all to a lost cause:help:
  6. The karaoke at the Noahs Ark at Crookes is now back on track after a little hiccup, it is now on every friday night:banana:
  7. This thursday and every thursday at 9-00pm.
  8. this is to sharp 87 karoke is on this friday 24th september sorry for the inconvience from the management
  9. Should you be in bed at that time in the morning or have you got your eye on us nite, nite vinny lol
  10. noahs ark as now got back the karoke thank you kevin and chris are back here on the 9th october 30th october both are saturday night come and join us on the 9th october it is the landladys birthday 21 again he he all welcome see you all on the 9th october we will have agood old time also there is a quiz starting on thursday and there will be sandwiches on and it free to enter you win a gallon of beer or lager this starts on september 23rd everyone welcome
  11. Top Blade, Top Man always good for a giggle one of the Mullberry lads will be sadly missed RIP
  12. T Farrelly Autos East Coast Rd 01142769626 Mobile 07931774951 Can recommend always a top class job
  13. noahs ark in crookes has now reopened cask ale is farmers blonde black sheep monday pool tuesday open mic wednesday pool thursday quiz night win agallon beer starting 12th august friday karoke with janet saturday nice friendly 50 60 music chilling out with juke box sunday chilling night relax after a good weekend on friday there is open the box but please come in and have a look around and see tracy if you have any questions about what is happen at the pub bank holiday weekend friday27th august karoke with janet 28th saturday kevin and chris duet guitar and keyboards 29th august sunday afternoon 4 8 karoke with janet monday afternoon crib and dominos win a gallon of beer or larger depending how many enters the competition hope to see new and old faces
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