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  1. I think if I am being honest it is because I am feeling abit down about myself lately thats why I feel insecure about it. The first time I told him how I felt he did stop but admitted last night one of the guys at work sent it him & he forgot to delete it off, I feel stupid asking everyones opinion on here, but just needed someone to talk to about it, so thanks everyone for reading it & for replying, I need to get myself sorted I think
  2. Last night I found some pics on my other halfs phone & I want to know if I am over reacting, We have argued over this before and last night we had a hugh row as I find it degrading & I feel as if I am not good enough.............am I right to think like this or am I over reacting
  3. Does anyone run/manage a pub that you have not had to put any capital into? Or does anyone know anything about this please?
  4. Has anyone stayed at this resort & do you know if they provide towels around the pool & is there a beauty salon on site where I could get my hair done?
  5. I was told yesterday that the CSA did not exsist anymore by someone from the Job centre & she advised me to get in touch with a solicitor.......So I have just rung Howells & they said they do not get involved with child mainteance....does anyone have any advice.........my ex has not paid anything for our son in nearly 6 years Does anyone know where to go for help?
  6. I have looked on Debenhams, burtons, next & bhs websites but can not seem to find any for men. I need them for a wedding ?
  7. Being hit by someone on roller blades/sledge/pushbike at 30mph is much more less likely to kill you..................than the weight of a car
  8. I find nothing wrong with a speed camera being on that road inparticular as so many kids have been knocked down with the park running along side it. My sister lives on longley lane & a young boy was killed a few years back by a speeding motorist
  9. I would not recommend Safestyle, I have had so many problems with them, trying to rip me off & then having to come back to refit 3 times, my advice would be to shop round, dont you know anyone who could fit it for you as it would be cheaper to buy your own door from somewhere like B&Q & pay just to have it fitted
  10. Last time I went it was great food, just bad company lol
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