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  1. Hi, Anyone know of anywhere where you rent rowing boats for a few hours? Want to take the Mrs as she loves it and have a picnic. I know Matlock have them but we've been there and done that already? Or anywhere you can have a good cruise on one boat on a river/canal? Don't want to travel too far
  2. £49m is a lot but he'll be in first team for the next decade. His potential is through the roof. He's already one of the best in the world in his age group. I think they'll look back and see that money well spent. Consider what Utd paid for Rooney from Everton when he was 18. They'd say that was money well spent.
  3. It's an actual ticket which is no use as it has to be exchanged.
  4. Anybody else think it's entirely stupid that you buy a ticket online and then have to queue for ages to get a wristband... Why not post the wristband out and solve this issue? Seems a stupid way of doing things and a waste of everyones time.
  5. Hi all, Anyone know of any good reggae cover bands for hire in Sheffield?
  6. I sent them another email kicking off again and they replied this time. They've refunded me the money but don't think i'll use them again.
  7. Used Uber on Firday and had a terrible experience. Would not reccomend it what-so-ever. Booked a taxi through the app for collection on Saville street, it said there was a 5 minute wait. I could see the driver on the app and he seemed to have stopped up near the Wicker. After waiting 15 minutes I gave the driver a call to see what he was doing and where he was. He told me he was here and waiting for me, he said he was on Spital hill. I told him I ordered this for saville street as per the pin on the app! I cancelled the taxi as I would've missed my train anway and decided to walk. A few minutes later I got an email to say I've been charged £7 for cancelling the taxi 5 minutes after it had arrived! Spoke to the driver again who said they are having teething problems and just to email them to get money back. No number to call them on, I have emailed but had no response. Horrible service and company, avoid avoid avoid!
  8. We're the same. Whole business is down. We've been told we might be able to add a diversion on at 12pm but to expect the phones to be down until around 3pm!
  9. Can I buy tickets on the day? I can vaguely remember going into Leadmill on the Saturday night and paying at the door. If I wanted to go to the mainstage on Saturday can I just queue and get my ticket there?
  10. Have you tried Mexican Street Food Chef on Arundel Gate? Best Burrito's I've ever had.
  11. I've parked and been ticketed in Centertainment for not parking in a space. I wasn'y blocking anyone or thing. The PCN fines they give you aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Ive had several and not paid one. They can't chase for payment and can't legally enforce you pay it.
  12. Anyone know where would be best to buy Regency tea sets from in Sheffield?
  13. Morning All, HSBC in Meadowhall, opening times say it's open till 8pm this evening, does this mean they'll actually be someone there to talk to as I need to access an account which I can't do over the phone. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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