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  1. On the phone, i can only tap the image which then displays 3 dots at top right but these dont give the required options. Cant use the laptop at moment as it has start up issues.
  2. As the title says, how do I transfer photo attachments on emails into the phones photo gallery? Until I have done that, I am unable to attach the said photos onto text messages.
  3. What's its range (when peddling where possible) and how long to charge?
  4. Would it be feasible for emergency services to use the new cycle lane, or is it the start and finish bits that would be the obstacle?
  5. Quote from Rail UK forums : (2013) "Rail freight is very competitive over any length of distance - short or long where both producer and supplier are rail connected - the classic is coal from mine or port to power station. When we still had a coal industry many of these flows were very short in terms of distance. There are lots of reasons why rail struggles elsewhere. One, there is rarely a backhaul so almost half the freight trains on the network are empty - this compares poorly to road where empty running has declined considerably in recent years although I recall around a quarter of all HGVs are also running empty. Second is the need to double or triple handle goods. So goods have to be moved by road from factory to rail terminal and from rail terminal by road onward to the customer's warehouse. The cost of this triple handling of goods reduces rail's ability to compete dramatically except on very long distance hauls which we dont tend to have in this country. Traffic from ports means only one additional transhipment is needed which improves rail competitiveness of shorter distances. Third, the sheer volume of goods that need to be carried from A to B on a train means there are not that many freight flows available which rail can easily compete for. The big growth in UK freight has been white vans - small flows from lots of places to lots of other places - rail can't compete in this market. HGV traffic has been declining or static for many years"
  6. Apart from shower facilities, what about cycle security? How many city-center shops/office blocks/student flats have somewhere secure for cycles left unattended? Further out there's all the tower blocks and maisonettes which might or might not have secure parking areas.
  7. I think that flat rate should include Northern Ireland, at least it does with Royal Mail.
  8. Promoters of cycling (a fine pursuit most of the time) are eager to point to towns like Cambridge or Amsterdam, with smiling commuters pedalling happily along flat streets in bright sunny weather, but here in the North on the edge of the Pennines, especially in winter, it's a different story. Although the last few years have seen mild winters, they can be long and dark with frequent gales, persistant snow, ice and slush compounded with the hilly terrain. Happy commuting.
  9. For a brief period I was employed in the steelworks that was behind that pub. The men who worked in the steelworks referred to it as "birdinend" and as I didn't live in the area I never understood what they meant until later. The pub was on their rota of local pubs for darts matches.
  10. A friend wants her chimneys and gable end re-pointing (not in Sheffield). There are some earlier threads on the subject but a bit out of date. It's a mid-terrace, older property with off-shot kitchen, 2 (shared) substantial stacks with corbelling and in bad condition. Off-shot kitchen gable end which extends above the old toilet roof then up to an apex. One bathroom window. So, wondering what the expected costs would be. https://i.imgur.com/tL0yVeT.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hfQnmIk.jpg
  11. Yes, you entered by the side door so the "pub" was a small front room. We asked for a pint and the "landlord" brought them to the small table. Further along shows the Oriental which I think (another thread on this somewhere) was the first Chinese restaurant in Sheffield. Also I see a radio/tv shop.
  12. On the corner of Cuthbert Road/Street (296) was a public house, I might be wrong but it was said to be the smallest pub in Sheffield; I recall that it was more like a beer-off with a table inside.
  13. Yes, I'm now doing this, using the standard USB lead sets up the camera's video software on the laptop. Strangely enough, i found (in a drawer) a plug/ lead that fits from a Pentax Optio S camera that i had years ago, but this lead only has 2 RCA plugs.
  14. It's similar in shape to the mini display port (which has 20pins), but smaller at 5.5mm width. It could be special to Panasonic.
  15. Yes, it can't be an HDMI micro or a USB micro as the pin configurations differ. I've mislaid the original lead so I might have to buy the lead suggested by Mark.
  16. This is on a Panasonic pocket camcorder HM-TA1 and nothing I've seen seems to match. It has one row of 8 contacts, or possibly 16. The width of the socket is about 5.5mm.
  17. The bunkers, prior to the crematorium, looked like long grassed mounds with sloping sides, as seen from the road. This pic of the radio masts gives some idea.
  18. Certainly, that was racist thinking (socal Darwinism); the white man superior to the black man. The UK which was running the Empire were superior in organization, military, technology and (arguably) the arts etc, and like other Empirists (an age he was born into) he believed that it was in the best interests of the afformentioned to be dominated but it didn't mean he hated them. The Red Indians weren't peaceful, the tribes were at constant war with one another
  19. It depends what you mean by racist, Halibut. Before WW2, half the country could have been racist (or rather prejudiced) in some sense. In Sheffield, my mother told me that black people were relatively rare and people would stop in the street and stare. In fact, it was considered amongst many that it would encourage bad luck to befall any houshold that let a black man over the threshold. Prejudice I know, but that's how it was. Africans in there own countries would be thought of as natives or savages wearing a loin cloth and holding a spear.
  20. They're not always loopholes. In answer, this is a quotation by Lord Clyde, a senior Scottish judge: "No man in the country is under the smallest obligation, moral or other, so to arrange his legal relations to his business or property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel in his stores. The Inland Revenue is not slow, and quite rightly, to take every advantage which is open to it under the Taxing Statutes for the purposes of depleting the taxpayer's pocket. And the taxpayer is in like manner entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Inland Revenue"
  21. Think I've found it (on a second Google search); it's a Lady beetle (Ladybird larva), apparently they are munching their way through the aphids.
  22. And, is it good/bad for them? Also, I've noticed pink and black aphid-type bugs under the leaves, so I'll have to do something about it!
  23. Yes, you can't prosecute anyone whose actions are legal.
  24. If they didn't, they would likely be prosecuted for tax evasion.
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